Yes, I Am Still Alive…

HI everyone,

Sorry that it has been over 6 months since my last post. LIfe has been busy

and I have neglected my blog. I’m hoping to begin posting once again.

I’ll make this my one and only New Year’s resolution. I hope you had

a great Christmas and New Year. Here are a few photos from last year to

wet your appetite.


This is one of the modern quilts that I quilted for Northcott’s modern department,Figo.

I can’t remember the designer and pattern name but I promise to keep better records

from here on in.

Sea Shell Quilting

Christine, the head of Figo, wanted sea shells all over the quilt. I think the design came

from Urban Elementz. They carry alot of digital and paper quilting patterns.

The backing

Here is the backing of the quilt. I really love this fabric, so soft and pretty.

Modern Quilt

Another quilt for Figo. I used a monofilament thread on the top and a soft Omni

grey thread on the backing.

Karlee Porter Quilting design

The quilting is designed by Karlee Porter. It is a square with a slight curve but it

stitches out in a really cool shape.

The backing

This fabric is a new line that Figo launched this past fall. It deals with the Zodiac.

Modern Quilt #3

A Close up

The quilting on this modern beauty is a simple wavy line. Again, I used a clear

monofilament thread on the top and a light cream Omni  thread on the backing.

The backing

Another close up

I hope you liked the  pictures. Hoping to be back next week  but if not, in 2 weeks for sure.

Have a great week and keep stitching.


Previous Quilts…

Because I am still working on an applique quilt, I will play catch up

and show you some completed quilts from before Christmas.


Lynn’s Quilt

I am guessing that Lynn created this quilt.


The border area

I used a light blue polyester thread for the all over design. The panto is called



One of the blocks in the quilt.  I love the blue in this block.


The backing of the quilt. Pieced backings are a great way to use

up left over blocks. Nothing gets wasted when it comes to quilting

and fabrics.


Close up of the backing.


A blue quilt

Another quilt that was completed before Christmas.  The “Friendship Star”

is a great traditional quilt block to make.


The variety of colors adds interest to this quilt top as well. I used a

blue polyester thread for the top and the backing. “Popcorn” is the

name of the overall design used on the quilt top.


The backing

The backing is pieced as well; the batiks are a great fabric to use as well.


A close up of the backing.


Another finished quilt that was created by Anne.


A close up of the blocks in this quilt. “Snowball” is the name of

the overall design on this quilt.



The backing shows off the quilting beautifully.


Anne also created this beauty;  I really love the batiks in this

quilt top.


There are even snowflakes printed on the fabrics.


A tablerunner

Anne also used up some of her floral print fabric for this table runner.


It is quite charming and would make a lovely gift for someone. I think that

is what Anne was planning on doing with it.I used a clear monofilament

thread to stitch around all the flowers. Why use an all over  design when

Anne has gone through so much effort to piece this together?


The backing

The backing is great as well. I love the Poinsetta fabric. Totally Christmas

all way round.

I hope you have a great week. Linking up with

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The Countdown is on…

December is here and the count down to the big day is on. It seems

that when the month of December rolls around, feeling overwhelmed

by all that needs to be done is normal. This year, I have decided not

to stress because when December 25th rolls around, everything is


Here are some quilts that were done well before December came along.


Bernice made this quilt for her niece’s wedding. As you can tell, she loves

the color purple.


The blocks are very interesting. Bernice even managed to have the quilt

done for the wedding.


As I have mentioned before, I love pieced backings but sometimes,

if there are alot of seams, it can cause the longarm machine to jump

around a bit, due to all the seams.


I used a purple polyester thread for the top and the backing. “Quirky”

was the name of the panto Bernice chose.  It is quite fun and swirly.


Lynn made another colorful quilt. I love the colors in this quilt and the

piecing looks fun as well. Whenever a quilt comes in, I play a game with

myself in that I try to figure out how the blocks were pieced and put

together to make the whole quilt.


The blocks are simple enough, on their own but put together, they

create quite a striking and complex design.


The backing causes your eyes to cross but it is so much fun. Lynn chose

a green polyester thread for the top and the backing.


“Flirtatious” is the name of the panto and it is a really popular design.


Once again, the piecing makes me take a second look at how

it was all pieced together. Stunning.


A white polyester thread was used for the top and the backing.

“Swirls” is the name of the design or panto used on the quilt.


The backing is quite stunning as well.


Joan works for a drapery store in town, Huronia Drapes.

She wanted a few samples for her customers. “Modern designs”

were her exact words. Even though this is a sample, it looks

great on its own, almost like a wholecloth quilt.



I stitched some wavy lines, about 1″ apart.



Then, some straight line stitching: have I mentioned

before how much I love straight lines?


Here, I did wonky triangles, on the top section. These are

designs by Jodi Robinson. 

In the lower section, I did elongated triangles. By the way,

the last 2  pictures are of the back of the sample. The beige

pictures are of the front of the samples.

Hope you enjoyed your week; we are expecting a snowstorm

tomorrow. Yeah!! PA DAy and time for sewing, I hope.

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Christmas is almost here…

I have been catching up on the quilts for my customers. Here are

some of the quilts that I have completed recently.


Anne made this lovely table topper for Christmas. The Poinsettas

really stand out  and the pieced border adds alot of interest.


Anne’s table topper.

Anne wanted the outside border to be quilted in an all over design

whereas the center received more attention and detail.


I used a monofilament thread to outline the fused flowers and

then a thin  white thread to fill in the background space with small



The back of the table topper

The outside border shows up the quilting nicely. I think the

name of the panto, on the outside border, is “Snowballs.”

I really love how it looks like a blistery cold winter’s wind.



A peach quilt

It’s been a while since I quilted this one. I think

that it is a sampler quilt.


All the time and effort it takes to create such a quilt top amazes me.

We used a light peach polyester thread for the top and the backing.


The backing

“Flirtatious” is a popular panto I use alot;  it gives so much

movement to the top and the backing. It is a lot of fun to stitch

out as well.


Nathalie created this huge quilt for someone special. I really

love the colors and the pattern itself.


The blocks look fairly simple to make but all the piecing sure takes

alot of time.


A light taupe polyester thread was used for the top and the backing.


I loved pieced backings, almost like having 2 quilts in one. Sometimes,

though, if there is alot of piecing on the backing, it creates alot of drag

and bumps for the hopping foot, on top. So, please keep this in mind

when you  are deciding to add  pieced backings to your quilts.


Again, the piecing astounds me.


I think that Lynn created this quilt top. She is a very talented

quilter and always has the best fabric around.


We used the panto “Flirtatious”once again.


The backing of the quilt.

Jeanette made this quilt and it comes with ATTITUDE.

The inside area is really a panel with fun fabrics for the

outside borders.


Each block has a different Scripture verse on it. I really

love it!!


Even the border has fun fabrics on it. And the colors are

pretty wild as well.


Jeanette chose a vibrant yellow flannel for the backing;  although

it looks more like orange on my monitor.


A bright yellow backing

Here you can see the fun panto we used. “Splat” is the

name of the panto and its name even depicts fun.


Jeanette also created this  Christmas  wallhanging.

Nancy Halvorsen is  the designer and she designs

lovely Christmas Nativity scenes.


Jeanette’s wallhanging

Blocks were used to create the outer border and what

better way to dress up a panel?


Stars were quilted all over the top and suits it just fine.


The pieced blocks even have Christmas prints in them.


The backing

The backing also carries over the colors from the front of

the wallhanging.



This is another one of Lynn’s quilts. I was at her house

visiting one day and she showed me all of the quilts in her

closet. WOW!! I hope she doesn’t get mad at me for

mentioning this.


White polyester thread was used for the top and the backing.

A floral  panto was used for the quilting design.


The funky backing

Lynn made this quilt for one of her grand kids that likes

music. I love the pieced piano keys for the border.


A musical quilt.


Some of the blocks in the quilt.  “Lyrical” was the name

of the panto;  I thought it was appropriate due to the musical

nature of the quilt top.


The piano keys border.


The backing

The backing is even comprised of musical instruments, violins

to be exact. Quilters are so generous with their time, talent, and

fabrics. It even took time to search out this fabric. And I am

sure that she didn’t find it on the first trip out.


Another fun quilt by Lynn. I love the bright colors.

This is a huge quilt as well.


Lynn’s quilt

I can not imagine how long it took to create, piece, and finish

this baby.


More pictures of the piecing in this top.


A large overall panto was used for the quilting design

and a white polyester thread was used for the top and

the backing.


The backing

You will notice how large the motifs are on the backing.

When a quilt is large, you can use bigger motifs because

it fits in with the size of the quilt.


I hope you enjoyed all the pictures.  Have a great


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A Christmas Tree Skirt

Here is Dale’s Tree Skirt.


Don’t you just love the fabrics- all metallic and Christmasy?


The black poinsetta section received straight lines. I used some

new 40 weight Metro Embroidery thread that I had just

purchased. Because it is embroidery thread, it has a bit of

sheen to it,  I  thought it would complement the

metallic fabric.


In the star area, I outlined the star, in the grey area but in the

middle black area, I quilted in an orange peel. If I had quilted

nothing there, it would have stood out a bit so it needed some

loving too.


This is the center of the Tree Skirt.  I wanted it to

look really special. Dale had mentioned that she wanted

Holly Leaves and Poinsettas as a design element so I

looked around for what I had. I do not own a

computerized longarm but I have to look for

design elements myself.   I have a series of books and CD”S by

QuiltMaker that have tons of design elements in them.

The CD”S are great because you can print

any design element in whatever size you prefer. No

enlargements on my part.  I found this design in

one of the books-Volume 6, maybe. It has a Poinsetta in

the middle surrounded by Holly Leaves. It fits the bill




I used the same design element but changed up  it slightly for

the grey blocks too. I used normal printing paper to print

off the design and I pinned it on the block and stitched right

over it. No marking at all on the quilt top.  The metallic

fabric wouldn’t pick up the chalk I use anyways. I am very

particular about marking on someone’s else quilt. Usually

I use chalk on dark fabrics, it just brushes off. On white fabric, I

use a disappearing air marker, SewLine, is the brand. If I

mark 2 blocks at once, the second one disappears before

I even quilt it. The only draw back to this approach, is

picking off all that paper. It can get messy. I used a tweezer

to help me with the small pieces. I also used 12 stitches to

the inch, it helps the paper tear off easier.


In the grey area, beside the center red section, I quilted in more

Holly Leaves. The same leaves were quilted in this area but

in a different layout. It is amazing how much you can use

the same design element but in so many different ways.



This is the back of the Tree Skirt. Don’t you just love it?

It is a great fabric because it hides all the different thread colors

used  and you can not see all those pesky stops and starts.

Have a great week.


Save the selvages…

A good friend of mine has come up with a great idea for saving and

using the selvage edge of the cotton fabrics that we use.


Here are  a few samples of what she has come up with.  The selvages

have been collected and sewn together onto a piece of batting.  Once

the batting piece is  totally covered, a freezer paper template is ironed

on and the shape (ie. tree, star etc) is cut out with pinking shears or

scissors. The outside edge is straight stitched and then a button and

cording or thread are added.  What a great recycling idea!  These can be

used as a tree ornament or as a gift tag.  I wonder what else you can do

with them? Any ideas?  This next quilt was made by Isabel and she did

a great job!  I can’t imagine all the hours it took to piece this baby.  Wow!!



I think the name of this quilt is The Washington Star?  If I am wrong,  please

let me know. Isabel’s only request was to have feathers in the brown center

around the star.


Of course, I had to add more feathers in the light and dark borders too.  I like the

gentle curve that is in the outside border area too. I used polyester thread for

the top and backing.


I was running out of time for this post so I will show more pictures next week.

In the border area, there were 10-20 different star blocks too. Each one was

different so I tried to use the same motifs throughout the quilt so that it would

tie together.


Alot of straight stitching and ruler work but I think it works well with the

feathers and swirls.

This week was the big Quilt Show in Houston.  Any word yet on the winners?

Let me know if you hear anything.  And don’t eat too much candy on the


Have a great weekend.