Baby Quilts

Joan brought me this adorable baby quilt, that was made using a

pre printed panel.


These panels make quick work of creating a baby quilt. Joan wanted

some custom stitching done of the top and I had lots of fun fulfilling that

wish for her.


I quilted around all the motifs on the panel and matched thread color

to each motif. In the palm trees, I used a Glide green thread. The thread

really shines and glistens; it was the first thing Joan noticed when

she looked at the quilt.


In the bottom border, I quilted grass to resemble the grass

that was on the panel, in the area beneath the animals.


On both sides of the panel, I quilted in ferns which was on the

panel as well. Sometimes, the panel or fabric will give you a

clue as to what to stitch on the quilt.


On the top of the  panel, I quilted in palm leaves. They are my

favorite part of this outside border.

As usual, the backing tells its own story too. I love the lime green

fabric. The stitching really shows up because a variegated King Tut

thread was used.



The backing is alot of fun as well.

The second baby quilt is adorable as well.


The fabric in this baby quilt is really quite classy.  Marilyne

wanted this quilt to be extra special so she wanted it custom



In the 9 patch, I outlined the square and then stitched in

curvy lines. The solid colored blocks beside it have a nice

feather wreath in it.


I cheated when it came to quilting this feathered

wreath. Can you believe that I actually had a

stencil that fit this space  perfectly?  All I had to

do was mark the feathers and stitch away. I used

an air erasable pen to mark the wreath.

I love the feathers and they dress up this quilt beautifully.


The outside border also has feathers in it. They are hard to see

due to the printed fabric but they are there.

I used a taupe polyester thread for the top and on the backing,

I used a white polyester thread.


The backing fabric shows up the quilting a little more, in

the outer border.


Even the backing has a classy feel to it.

Marilyne did a  beautiful job on the piecing. Everything

laid flat and square.  Someone is receiving a very special

baby quilt.

Have a great Easter.


As promised…

As promised, here is Linda’s BOM that she made at a local

Quilt Shop, Country Concessions.


As you can see from the photo, there was alot of fussy cutting and

piecing but Linda handled it all beautifully. Everything was flat and

square. No ripples or extra fabric in the borders at all.


The flower panels are really pretty. I didn’t want to detract from them so

I merely quilted around them. I had to do some type of stitching or these

areas would “puff” up.


In the smaller sections, I used a green polyester thread and followed the

print on the fabric. I think it looks like a wobbly cross hatch.


Originally I had promised to use feathers in the quilting so I had

to make sure I followed through. I quilted feathers on the 4 corners,

around the fan blocks.


In the green borders, I again followed the print of the fabric. I think

that the wobbly cross hatching looks great!


The white backing shows off the quilting. I used a white

polyester thread for certain areas on the top as well as for

the backing too. If I had to choose again, I would use a light

green because there was alot of green on the top.


This shows some of the stitching in the outer brown border. I went

with feathers again because I thought it was appropriate. You really

can’t see the feathers that much on the quilt top because the

outer border is a dark brown. If you want the quilting to be seen,

remember to use a solid color and not a print.


This shows some of that wobbly cross hatching. I love it!


The outer corner and the stitching on it.


This little fabric postcard was made after I had completed

an art quilt by Susan. She made an amazing art quilt of white

birch trees.  I loved her  art quilt so much that I felt compelled

to make a smaller version of it.

See you next week.

Going international….

Holly made these 2 quilts for relatives in Holland.  Thus, I am now “going international.”

If I may brag a little, I have already had quilts go to Australia and Japan, so I have kind of

been there for a while.  Ha! Ha!

Holly did a great job and I am amazed at how many quilts she is able to complete.  And

she is a new quilter as well.  Pretty impressive, if you ask me.

Holly's quilt

Holly’s quilt

Holly chose a panto-“Happy Times” to fill the space  of the plaid area.

It suits it well as the stitching is not easily visible.  And the pattern fit in

the area perfectly, as I was worried about stitching along that straight cream

border area.

In the cream borders, I stitched a swirl design. It is one of my favorites and

stitches up quickly.  All you have to remember is up, then down, as the swirls

move in different directions.

Cream border and swirl design.

Cream border and swirl design.

In the blue border, I decided to add feathers.  Again, an easy filler but

one that does take a bit of time.  I decided to switch up the feathers a bit

by adding an outside loop around each  feather.

The pieced blocks were a bit of a challenge.  I was thinking about a Dutch

motif but ended outlinging the blocks and pebbles for the background fill.

Background fill for the pieced blocks.

Background fill for the pieced blocks.

Again, I love pebbles and they are a great fill.

For the blue strip blocks, I used a curved ruler to create a star

shape.  I outlined it so that it would stand out a bit more.

Pieced strip block.

Pieced strip block.

Can you see the curved star?

When I looked at the block, it reminded me of a star so that is the design I went with.

For the centre of the block, I did feathers.  It kind of ties the block in with the blue

border design too.

Middle of the pieced block.

Middle of the pieced block.

Overall, I think the quilt turned out well.

Hoping that Holly thinks so too.

Have a great week.

Playing catch up.

School is in and I am playing catch up.  In several weeks  time, there is an annual

quilt show that I attend. Every year, it seems I am behind and have to race like mad to

complete a quilt to  hang in the show.  Only this year, I forgot to hand in my intent

form and so I have no quilt to hang in the show.

I do have a booth so I can hang it there.  It is nice to have a new quilt to show.

This is my new quilt-hot off the sewing machine.  If you look closely-it is not quilted!

This is my job this week-to completely finish and bind it.

A Bonnie Hunter quilt pattern.

A Bonnie Hunter quilt pattern.

This pattern came from Bonnie Hunter.  I think her website is called

Quiltville but I could be mistaken.  She allows people to use her patterns

to make a quilt but not to sell the pattern itself.  Pretty generous of her, if

you ask me.

I have been debating whether to custom quilt this one or just do an

all over design.  Due to the time restraints I have , I am leaning towards

a pantograph.  What do you think?

This cute quilt was made by my friend, Arlene.  She is a great piecer and I

love the colors in this quilt.

Arlene's snowman quilt

Arlene’s snowman quilt

Arlene wanted light stitching around the snowmen, in the panel


Snowman panel section

Snowman panel section

I didn’t want to stitch any design in the piano key border so

I stitched around each individual key. I think it helps the border

to stand out even more.

Piano key border

Piano key border

I also decided to put a small snowflake in the four corners

of the inner blue border.  Can you see them?  A swirl was

added too, just for movement and due to its quickness.

In each pieced block, I was thinking about putting in a large

snowflake to fill the entire area  but later decided against it.  I think

the snowflakes would have been too big.  So, I SID around

the pieced blocks and stitched in a smaller snowflake.

Snowflakes in the pieced blocks.

Snowflakes in the pieced blocks.

I think that looks better.  What about you?

I couldn’t decide which color of thread to use in the pieced

blocks so Arlene chose a gold color-So Fine too.  I think that

it looks better than either the red or the green.

Fall is quickly approaching, so I thought I would show you a

wallhanging that I made about 10 years ago.  I bought it as

a kit from Country Concessions, in Cookstown.  Usually, I

don’t buy kits but the colors and fabric in this one drew me.

It is even hand quilted-did it before I had my longarm.

I still love this wallhanging.

My favorite fall wallhanging.

My favorite fall wallhanging.

All the blocks are blanketed stitched by hand. Yes, it took a long

time but I enjoyed doing it.

Close up of corn

Close up of corn

Even the turkey received a blanket stitch.



What is a fall wallhanging without a turkey?

Have a great week!


Sew little time.

Well, last week was quite wacky.  My domestic machine had a glitch that resulted in me having to take it to the repair lady.  I was working on some charity quilts and ran over a thick seam.  The needle broke but instead of turning off the machine, as I normally would do, I tried to replace the needle, with the machine still on.  Well, the sewing machine didn’t like that and an “error 2” kept popping up.  I tried shutting it down, restarting it but to no avail.  My repair lady only works 3 days a week, so I will have to wait a while for it to be repaired.  I am coping but just barely.

I did manage to do some longarm quilting though.  There are several custom quilts that are needing to be quilted so that is taking up alot of time for me. I stitched in the ditch around all the straight  pieces of fabric and then did a squiggle in every second strip of fabric.  A variegated thread was used so that it would tie in with all the colors used on the top of the quilt.  I still have one  huge strip to quilt and then the background filler needs to be done.

Custom Quilting

Custom Quilting

Custom Quilting

Custom Quilting

I am also trying to get a small art quilt ready for an upcoming competition so that is time consuming as well.   I will post pictures when it is done .  To top it all off, I signed up for an online course yesterday too.  At least I have  9 months to complete the course.  Yeah!  Less pressure .

I also managed to complete a quilt for a dear friend.  She is such a good piecer and her borders are so square and flat that she makes my quilting look good.  This particular pattern, fabric and colors remind me of spring.  What do you think?

This quilt reminds me of spring.

This quilt reminds me of spring.

Cheery Quilt

Cheery Quilt

Pictures are great to look at so I thought that I would show you  some other quilts and things that I have stitched.  This block was created using some decorative stitches on my sewing machine. I did some couching and hand embroidery. Lately I am realizing that I love any kind of stitching.  It is a little different from quilting but still it has its own appeal.

Block for charity  Quilt

Block for charity Quilt

Close up of stitched block.

Close up of stitched block.

Because this is beginning to become a long post, I will end it here.  Hope you have a great stitching week.