Seasonal Fall Quilts

Here are several seasonal fall quilts that I completed a few

weeks ago.


Judy created this strippy quilt for the fall. I love the colors

in this quilt.


She also added some leaves on the outside border.


Fall leaves

Can you see the brown thread on the leaves? Judy wanted a panto

in the center of the quilt but wanted to quilt the leaves herself. No

problem. I basted the outer border and quilted in the panto as  I

rolled the quilt along.


What a beautiful color on the back. You can also see the design

of the panto as well.


Pieced backings are a favorite of mine but sometimes, if there are alot

of pieced blocks, it can cause the hopping foot to jump and move to

another area.  For the thread, I used a polyester orangey brown for the

top and the backing.


Jeanette made this fun quilt. I love the fabric in this as well; it

resembles a town or city and all that happens there.


I used a light brown SoFine thread on the top and the



“Splat” was the name of the panto that was used.


The backing shows off the quilting nicely.


I am in love with fabric postcards and this is one I received from

Judy Stupak.  Isn’t it adorable?

I have also been making some for the upcoming Christmas season.


The school bus represents September and back to school. The snowman

represents  November, although we haven’t seen any of the white stuff

yet.  And the ornaments are for Christmas.

I fused the ornaments onto the postcard; it was some fabric I picked up

at Lens Mills and thought it would work. The snowman is cut from a

panel I also bought at Fabricland a few years ago.

The school bus is actually inked onto a white piece of fabric and then

I cut it out after I had colored in the school bus.

It is alot of fun making these postcards and you can try out new

techniques without committing to a long time period.

If you want to join a fabric postcard exchange, check out Brandy at this

link and you can get signed up to make and receive one, or two, or three.

Make sure that you email her first and mention that you would like to

take part in the fabric postcard exchange. She will then email you and

confirm that you are registered. Have fun and enjoy!

Have a great week.



Quilt Show Time Again- Part 2

Last week, I showed you several of the quilts I quilted for Northcott.

Here are the remaining quilts that I completed as well.


To be quite honest, I really didn’t know what to do with this panel.

I decided to leave it until last, hoping that something inspiring would

hit me.


Nothing dramatic popped into my head so I quilted squares in the



I used a white Omni polyester thread for the top and the backing.

In the houses, I stitched in some curtains and straight lines to hold

the fabric in place so it wouldn’t pop up in that area.


The house backing

The backing always shows off the texture beautifully. I love the solid

white backing.


A close up of the backing.


The Hippie Quilt

I love, love, love the colors in this quilt. It looks like fun to

me so I tried to immulate that feeling with the motifs that I chose

for the background fill.


Swirls were chosen for the background fill because they look like

fun to me.


Modern was also the theme that I wanted to include so I

stitched around the colorful squares and added the loops. The

loops almost look like flowers to me.


In the grey star area, I wanted to draw attention to them so

I used straight lines in the background area.


The Backing

I love the circles on the backing. You really can’t see the

stitching but it is fun too.

This is the last quilt that I stitched. I love this wallhanging as well.

I love the colors and the shapes.


I stitched around the large circles and outlined the  large

circles with more circles. It seems that circles were the main

attraction on this quilt top.


I added straight lines in the white background, as I didn’t

want to draw too much attention to the background. I also

changed the direction in which the straight lines were

stitched so that interest would be created.


All the circles around the stars were stitched freehand. I was

nervous when I began stitching them but thought; ” What the

heck, I’ll give it a try.”


The triangles

In the triangles, I stitched a quick arc because you can’t really

see the stitching so why put alot of detail into that area?


The borders were very easy to design. Just use the straight

lines and arches that were printed onto the fabric. Easy peasy.


The whole quilt, from the backing.

Here you can see all the yummy texture on the backing.

How can you not love this?


The border areas show off the straight line stitching.


One of the stars and all those circles around the stars.


More stars.

The straight lines are cool and I love the one triangle in the

background fill. A white Omni polyester thread was used for

the top and the backing.


Outside border area.


The whole quilt.

Here is a  postcard I received from Judy Stupak; she is

hosting a postcard exchange each month. This is the

postcard for September’s theme: “Back To School.’


I love it. It resembles a blackboard and practice writing on it

and of course, the kids in the classroom.

Have a great week.



Hanging in there…

Although it has been a hot summer, I am hanging in there. This past

week has been interesting, to say the least. It was our 20th wedding

anniversary and we spent it in the hospital; my husband fractured his

ankle so it was swollen pretty badly. I am sure that he will make it

up to me later on.


This is a wall hanging I have had on my design wall for well

over a year. I thought that it was time to complete it.

Only 7 more houses to add; I must note that I found this

picture on Pinterest. Because I am making it for myself and not

selling it for profit, I thought it was ok to make.

I do respect copyright laws and peoples’ creative property.


Mug Rug

I must admit that this is my first mug rug that I have ever made.

They remind me of fabric postcards, proably due to their small size.


The back of my mug rug. I finished the edge with a tight zigzag stitch.

Inspiration came from Pinterest. It has such great ideas that one can

tweak yourself. I used interfacing for the tea bag and I used black

fusible interfacing for the tea leaves inside the tea bag.



Another fabric postcard that I made. The circles are supposed

to be hay bales in a field. I painted the grey fabric that makes

up the buildings. A sharpie marker was used to add the

windows in the buildings.


Back of my fabric postcard

Using a stamp on the back of the postcard really helps to

finish it off and look more professional.

It was alot of fun making and quite quick too. I may

have another idea for a fabric postcard.

What have you been creating this week?

Have a great week.

What I have been up to….

Once again, it is very cold here and this is making it a great

opportunity to sew and quilt.

I have been working on some new things that I have picked up

lately. Mary, a friend from a local Guild, just introduced me to

paper embroidery.  She showed me several cards that she has

made and I think that they are gorgeous!


Pinterest also has quite a selection too, as well as free

patterns you can download. I had to try my hand at making one

and this is the result.

I really didn’t like having to thread my needle constantly but when

you use a 40 wt thread, it does slip alot. Having to constantly

check the back and front to see where I had to stitch next was

a bit of a deterrent as well. Overall, though, I did like

how the card turned out and I think that I may have to make

some more. They seem to stitch up quickly so they would make

a great project when you are looking for something quick and

small to conquer.

Beside these small cards, I have been trying to continue on

with my fabric postcard collection. I am making 3 for Valentine’s

Day and this is the first one.


This card uses some felt stickers from the Dollar Store.

I placed the smaller pink heart on top of the larger red heart.

Then I stitched around it slowly and yes, the needle did gum

up a bit from the glue on the back of the sticker. I did use a

monofilament thread too so that may have caused a bit of a

problem too. After I changed that thread out, it didn’t break

anymore. There still was some gum on the needle though.

Next, I used my alphabet on my sewing machine and stitched

in the words.


The  pink backgrounds on each of these cards were painted using a

soft body acrylic paint. The fabric went a little stiff and rubbery

after I painted it but I may have used too much paint on the fabric.

Isn’t it amazing what you can use for these fabric postcards? The

white flower was taken from a birthday card. I couldn’t throw it

out with this lovely flower on it. I merely ripped it off the card and

stitched it onto the pink background. How is that for fast and easy?

These are not finished yet, I still have to stitch around the edges.

Stay warm and have a good week.

Happy New Year

Happy New Year!! I hope that you were not up too late-like me.

I was up until 2 am playing Rumoli,  a card game. It was the first

time I have ever played. It was alot of fun.


This is the second fabric postcard I recieved over Christmas.

It came from New Brunswick. The theme was “Snowflakes.”

It was so much fun to participate and so much excitement

awaiting the postcards. It is amazing how creative some

people are.


Over Christmas, I did manage to stitch a little bit of

applique. As you can see in the photo above, it was really

a “little” bit.  This does complete Block #5 of my

Beach Wallhanging.



Before Christmas, I did finish up this quilt for Joyce. It was

really big -120″ x 120″.  What a great job Joyce did as well.

Everything was square and flat.


A close up of the blocks and fabrics used. The colors make it

look really modern.


We used the Flirtatous Panto as the quilting design and a taupe

polyester thread for the top and backing-which I am lacking


Hoping you have a great New Year.


Merry Christmas!


I am hoping that you will have a Merry Christmas!  Here are some

of the projects I was trying to finish up last week. The fabric

postcard above, was sent to me from Mary. Didn’t she do a great

job?  I love getting these in the mail.  I was surprised that the

buttons didn’t break or get hooked in the mail sorting machines.


This cute quilt was made by Anna, for her grand daughter.

There were 20 blocks in each quilt and they were all hand

embroidered.  Anna is very talented when it comes to hand



Who can resist these cute animals?


The sunfish looks kind of tired though.


I used a purple and white polyester thread. In the blocks,

I stitched around all the  embroidery and the block. I thought

that the space needed some extra stitching, to hold the block

down, so I quilted in some swirls. When the whole quilt is laid out,

it looks like  flowers.  In the sashing, I stitched leaves and added

more swirls to finish off the flower.


Here is what the backing looks like. The purple fabric

blends well with the top of the quilt and the stitching

stands out really well too.


Here is the second quilt that Anna made. She was one

busy lady this past year. I love the green fabric too.


In the  sashing, I quilted a wavy line.  I wanted to quilt

this one a little different from the first one.  These 2 quilts

were going to sisters so I wanted them to be slightly different

from one another.


I also used a white and green polyester thread and again

stitched around the embroidery and the outside of the block.

This time, I quilted hearts in the corners of the white blocks.


The backing is a solid  green color and the stitching shows

beautifully as well.

Again, from our house to yours, have a Merry Christmas!

Fabric Postcard Exchange

Brandy (at

has organized a fabric postcard exchange

once again.  You can sign up online (although

the date may be over now)and she sends you

an address that you send your fabric postcard

off to, while you anxiously await a fabric postcard

from someone else.

And I am planning to participate this year. The

theme is “Snowflakes” and here are 2 fabric

postcards that I am working on.


I love the color of the blue fabric and the metallic silver snowflakes. I am

undecided as if I need to add more embellishments or not. I did

stitch around the snowflakes with metallic thread. Maybe some

swirls are needed?


I like the snowflakes here too but it definitely needs something.

I can’t help myself, I have to stitch something on this one too.


And I had to show you one that I made after Remembrance Day. I

think that it is a great way to use up those Poppies. What else

do we do with them?

And the words were stitched on my Janone 6600.

This one won’t be sent off with the other 2.


A little twist in the road here. Dale made this huge quilt.

I really like the colors in it. It even has some metallic fabric

in it-a little bling never hurt anyone.

She wanted a swirl feather, designed by Sharon Schamber.

This quilt measures in at 120″ x 120″ -whew!

I used a light grey polyester thread on the top and backing.

It does show up nicely without overtaking the piecing.


A close up of the panto we used.


And the backing. The stitching really shines on this side.

No pun was intended there, they kind of slip out

of my mouth sometimes.


This next quilt was made by Susan.  She did a phenomenal

job with the piecing. I have never seen a quilt lay so flat and



Because it is a traditional Log Cabin, Susan decided that she

would like feathers on it.  What a great idea!  I love feathers.

You will have to wait until next week to see the whole quilt.

It is finished but close ups  look so much better.

Have a great week.

Nothing goes to waste…

School is back in but I am stil in summer mode. Last week I did manage to

complete three fabric postcards though.


This is my dad’s boat.  I used Inktense Pencils to color in the  picture.

Water is used to help the colors come to life but depending on the weave of

the fabric, the color may run into other colors too,  as in this case.

It reminds me of a watercolor painting.


The same boat is used here too but I wanted to try out my Prismacolor

Pencils.  Once the coloring is completed, a fabric medium is used to seal in

the colors. Using different mediums give an entirely different look to the same



Another boat-yes, it was a week for boats.  Prismacolor pencils

and a fabric medium were used here too.


This is Bernice’s quilt. I love the big sqaures -what a great way to create a

quilt quickly and use up scraps too.


I love creatively pieced backs.  It is a great way to use up all those extra blocks

that we sometimes have left over from the quilt top.


These are the 48 blocks that I paper pieced last week and that caused me so

many problems and puckers. I was surprised that it only took me 1/2 hour to

rip off all the paper on the backs of these squares.


The leftover scraps. I may attempt to make a quilt similiar to Kaffe  Fassett’s.

He used a triangular shape but pieced  it similar to a log cabin. I will include

pictures next week. I may try layering the strips on top of each other because

they are fairly slim.  Wish me luck. I may  have to use a stabilizer if any

puckering occurs again.  As you can see, nothing goes to waste. And yes,

I am OCD sometimes.

See you next week.





A mid summer quilt.

This cute quilt was made by Jeanette. She made it for her grand-daughter.

She wanted it to look like a  Holly Hobby style quilt and I think that  she succeeded.


What a great view of the entire quilt top.  Can you imagine piecing all

those tiny pieces? It was definitely a labor of love.


Can you see how small the pieces are  for this block?  This is one of

the 2 different blocks that made up the entire quilt.


Here is the second block that makes up the quilt.  Again, alot of tiny

pieces sewn together. I don’t think that I have the patience for that much

piecing any more.


Here is a close up of the border section.  The blue floral fabric fits nicely with

the rest of the colors of this quilt.


The backing fabric matches the front too.  Jeanette wanted a pink polyester

thread for the top and back.  It does look nice for a tween bed.  Jeanette also

chose a “Daisy” panto for the quilt.

Last week, I managed to complete 2 fabric postcards.  I reproduced one that I

had made for Janet, over at  There was a fabric postcard

challenge for Canada  Day.  The theme being “maples.”  Here is a second one

because the first one was misplaced, stolen or lifted on its way to BC.  I guess

I should take that as a compliment, as it was good enough to steal.


Summer has me thinking about flip flops so I made a postcard of flip flops.

One of these days, I will make a quilt depicting flip flops.  I love them but I

don’t even own a pair.


The tongs on the right side are a bit smaller than the left but I will say that they

are 2 different sizes of flip flops. It is good to share mistakes that we make, right?

And lastly, I went down to Toronto last week, to the Ripley’s Aquarium.  I was

very impressed with the design and layout of the building.  There is also so much

for young kids to do-crawl into holes, touch wierd fish and sea animals and

activities for them to participate in. No, I am not being paid to say all this.  Then

there is a conveyor belt you stand on and go through a glass tunnel with fish,

sharks, a saw fish, and other  marine life swimming all around you. It is totally

freaky when the sharks are swimming right towards you.  The hair on the back of

your neck stands up for a little while.  It is amazing!!!!  I took so many

pictures, it was crazy!  Can you tell that I enjoyed it?

This is one of the eels that lives in the huge 20-30 ft high tank. Isn’t the coloring

on him gorgeous?  I couldn’t help but take his photo.  Maybe I will make a

postcard of him and send to my dad.


Have a great week!





2 finished quilts

These are 2 quilts that belong to Dale. She has been a busy lady, completing these 2 large quilts.

She took a class at a local quilt shop and these are the results.


The colors on this quilt are very rich looking.  There are 2 different types of pieced

blocks within this quilt top.


Each “Star block” is different in the center than the others. It may look like

I am showing the same block repeatedly but if you take a closer look at the center

of the block, you will see that it is pieced differently each time.

In this example, there is a 16 patch block.


In this block, it looks like a combination of a half square triangle and

a four patch. The outer star is the same throughout each block.


I am unsure of the block name but here it almost looks like a cross with

4 outer half square triangles.


A pinwheel is used in the center of the block this time. The outer border can also

be seen as well.


This inner section almost looks like a Churn Dash.


Again, a 4  patch and another cross.


Spools are used in the center this time.


A star within a star for the center section.


Another cross with half square triangles.


I think this is a Rail Fence.  As you can see, Dale chose a

panto for the quilting design.  A cream polyester thread was used for the

top and the backing as well.


An interesting inner block.


Half square triangles on the inside.  What an interesting idea!  Change up all

the pieced sections and use the same fabric for the whole top.


This shows the other block that was pieced on the top. Straight lines add

another dimension to the top.


I missed one block on the top.  It is a Friendship Star, I think.


Here are the borders.  They are pretty neat as well.



This is what the back looks like.  Again, you can turn the top

over if you want a different looking quilt.


This is Dale’s second quilt. I am amazed that a whole new design and pattern

can be made from a single block.  Can you pick it out?


A half square triangle is the block.  If you rotate it, it creates a spinning star design.


A view of the side.  Dale chose a panto for this quilt as well. There are

alot of pieces so the panto design looks great.  I again used a cream

polyester thread for the top and backing.


You will notice though, that some of the center of the blocks have a solid square

of fabric. This helps to create the design as well.


Same design but different colors.


The outside  borders are very pretty in color and match the rest of the quilt



Here is a better shot of the outer borders.



The cream backing for the quilt.  Again, you could turn it over

for the look of a whole new quilt top.

I hope that you are enjoying your summer.  I have managed to finish

another fabric postcard.  I will have pictures for you next week.