Lazy days of summer

I am beginning to understand what the “dog days of summer means.”  Some days,

I feel like lying around by the pool and snoozing all day long.

In one way, I am glad that I don’t.  I would miss out on some really cool quilts.


This cool quilt belongs to Dale.  It is actually her second time making this

small art quilt.  The first one was for her daughter but in a different color scheme.


I really love the sun.  Even the fabric Dale chose suits the sun to a tee. Maybe in

the future, I will have to make a cool sun like this and use  it somehow.


In the middle section, I quilted a tree but you really can’t see it that well.

Stippling was quilted in all the large areas so that the elephant would pop

a bit more.


In the small lime green border, swirls were quilted.  The outer red orange border

received straight lines. On the top and bottom border, I stitched back and forth, so

that it almost looks like it has been cross hatched.


On the side borders, I stitched straight lines in only one direction. This just adds

a bit more of  interest to the border area.

On to the postcard challenge.  I completed numbers #4 and # 5 last week.  Here is

what they look like.

The top fabric postcard depicts some barns.  I used Inktense Pencils to color the

picture in and then water was added to make the inks more vibrant.  The finished

product looks more like a watercolor than anything else.


Here is a fabric postcard of my dad’s boat. The brown areas represent the

sea weed that floats on the ocean.  And the blue strip represents the mountains

across the ocean.  That choice is complements of Leni Wiener. She uses all

kinds of prints to add a little interest in her pieces.  Thought I might try it as well.


And finally, I have another postcard ready for Janet.  I sent her one for the

Canada DAy Postcard Exchange and hers was stolen on its way to BC. I guess

I should take that as a good sign that my postcard was a little ok.


Here is the new and improved version, which will make its way to BC, this

time in its own envelope so it can’t be lifted.

Have a great week and enjoy these “dog days” of summer.