Christmas season is upon us…

Once again, the Christmas Season has snuck upon me. I must

be getting older because I say that it comes around faster every year.

Although this wallhanging is not Christmasy, it is red and hopefully,

will put you in the Christmas Spirit.

Dale brought me this wallhanging.


Dale’s wallhanging

“Do what you want” were her

exact words. That sounds like a whole lot of fun to me.

I had visions of swirls, instead of sugar plums, dancing in

my head.


My sugar plums

The Poppies were SID with a smoky monofilament thread. It

really blends well with dark backgrounds and you don’t have

to constantly change thread colors, although I didn’t have to

do that here.


I love the poppies in this wallhanging. I used a black

Glide thread for the black background because I wanted

to give it some extra sheen.


Border area

In the border, I quilted in straight lines. I didn’t want a fancy

border to take away from the poppies so I kept it fairly simple.

I used a red polyester thread for the border area.


How can you not love these poppies? It is  a gift

for a special military man.


The backing

The backing shows up the quilting nicely. Black was the

color of the backing but it looks silver here.


The backing -2

Here again, the backing does not look black.  The Poppies

stand out alot here. I sometimes love the back of a quilt

as much as the front. It tells the same story but just in

a different color.

Hope you have a great week and don’t stress too much

about Christmas and all that has to be done. By the time

Christmas Day gets here, you will have it all done.



As you are proably aware,  Frozen is a big hit here amongst the

younger kids.  My niece has jumped on the bandwagon too.


Although this isn’t for my niece, I am hoping that some young lady

will beg her parents for it. The youth group at my Church is having a

silent auction at the end of the month. What other item would

I put into an auction than a quilt?

The panel was purchased at Fabricland. I know that is a bad word

amongst quilters but it was the only place I saw one. Fabricland even

supplied a pattern for you to follow to make the quilt.

I changed it a little because I didn’t have a lot of time to make it.

I added the white border, as one solid piece and the outer blue border.

The blue fabric also matches the panel and was purchased at Fabricland

as well.


In the white border, I used some thin silver fabric, again purchased at Fabricland.

Because it was so thin and flimsy, I added Steam A Seam to the back of it, by

ironing it on. Then all I had to do was cut it out and iron it onto the border.

I later stitched around each snowflake with a silver zigzag stitch. I even stitched

this on my longarm because it drives me crazy to do it on my domestic machine.


As you can see,  I also switched up the snowflakes and stitched some in a dark

grey thread. I did try the silver metallic thread but ran into tension issues.


In the inner burgundy border, I thought that swirls would be good, as  a

reminder fo the cold wind that blows in the winter time. I am glad that

is over right now.


In the outer blue border, I followed the design of the print. I really

couldn’t think of what to stitch in that space so I went with the print.




In the center of the panel, I merely followed the pattern itself.

That was actually fun to do.  I even stitched in the braids for the girl

on the right. I know their names are Anna and Olga but I don’t know

which one is which.

There was a pink and white flannel for the back.

I used a variety of threads too. Polyester, Glide, and Metro threads were

all used. Some young lady is going to go home happy at the end of the


Have a great week.


Baby Quilts

Joan brought me this adorable baby quilt, that was made using a

pre printed panel.


These panels make quick work of creating a baby quilt. Joan wanted

some custom stitching done of the top and I had lots of fun fulfilling that

wish for her.


I quilted around all the motifs on the panel and matched thread color

to each motif. In the palm trees, I used a Glide green thread. The thread

really shines and glistens; it was the first thing Joan noticed when

she looked at the quilt.


In the bottom border, I quilted grass to resemble the grass

that was on the panel, in the area beneath the animals.


On both sides of the panel, I quilted in ferns which was on the

panel as well. Sometimes, the panel or fabric will give you a

clue as to what to stitch on the quilt.


On the top of the  panel, I quilted in palm leaves. They are my

favorite part of this outside border.

As usual, the backing tells its own story too. I love the lime green

fabric. The stitching really shows up because a variegated King Tut

thread was used.



The backing is alot of fun as well.

The second baby quilt is adorable as well.


The fabric in this baby quilt is really quite classy.  Marilyne

wanted this quilt to be extra special so she wanted it custom



In the 9 patch, I outlined the square and then stitched in

curvy lines. The solid colored blocks beside it have a nice

feather wreath in it.


I cheated when it came to quilting this feathered

wreath. Can you believe that I actually had a

stencil that fit this space  perfectly?  All I had to

do was mark the feathers and stitch away. I used

an air erasable pen to mark the wreath.

I love the feathers and they dress up this quilt beautifully.


The outside border also has feathers in it. They are hard to see

due to the printed fabric but they are there.

I used a taupe polyester thread for the top and on the backing,

I used a white polyester thread.


The backing fabric shows up the quilting a little more, in

the outer border.


Even the backing has a classy feel to it.

Marilyne did a  beautiful job on the piecing. Everything

laid flat and square.  Someone is receiving a very special

baby quilt.

Have a great Easter.