A First Quilt…

Beryl made this quilt, her first. What a great feeling to complete your first quilt.

Hopefully, there will be many more.

Beryl’s Quilt

The blocks have alot of embroidery and handwork in them. Beryl did a great job. She wanted

an all over design. She loves butterflies so that is what is stitched all over the quilt top.

I used a cream polyester thread on the top and the backing.

The outer border is pretty neat, alot of pieced blocks in it.

The Backing

She wanted the backing to be centered and why not? I like pieced backings.It is such a good

opportunity to be able to use up left over fabric form the top.

The backing matches the front of the quilt top.

Have a great week. Check out The Needle and Thread Network.

Happy Belated New Year!!

I hope that you had a great Christmas and New Year. To say that mine

was relaxing is an understatement. I think that I need a holiday from the

Holidays. It was all good though.

To kick start the year off, I have completed something of my own.


This year, I have made a resolution to take Fridays  off to work on some

of my own stuff. I am very excited about this decision. It will be interesting

to see if I actually stick to it.

What are some of your resolutions?

This is blue red work embroidery. When I first heard this phrase, it

made me laugh. Why not just call it blue work? Anyways, my snowmen

are done and are awaiting their transformation into a cover for one of

my  pillows.


I used 2 strands of blue DMC floss-#311. They stitched up quite quickly

too, I might add.


I love the hat on the snowman to the right of the sign.


Today I worked on this quilt for Laura. She made this lovely quilt

with her niece. It is always so encouraging to see young women

take up quilting. I wonder what this younger generation will

do within the quilting world?


The blocks look pretty simple but it is the fabric and color that make

any quilt.


The border in this quilt is pretty interesting. I love the blocks that are

used to make the border. Laura’s niece is pretty artsy so she picked a light

blue polyester thread for the top and the backing. She wanted simple

stitching on the quilt top so she chose “Swirl” by Norma Sharp. It does look

nice with all the straight lines in the piecing and blocks.


The backing.

The backing is made up of a silver flannel. Very soft and warm;  the light

blue thread shows up nicely on the backing.


A close up of the swirl panto design on the backing.

Take some time this week to do something that makes you




Merry Christmas!


I am hoping that you will have a Merry Christmas!  Here are some

of the projects I was trying to finish up last week. The fabric

postcard above, was sent to me from Mary. Didn’t she do a great

job?  I love getting these in the mail.  I was surprised that the

buttons didn’t break or get hooked in the mail sorting machines.


This cute quilt was made by Anna, for her grand daughter.

There were 20 blocks in each quilt and they were all hand

embroidered.  Anna is very talented when it comes to hand



Who can resist these cute animals?


The sunfish looks kind of tired though.


I used a purple and white polyester thread. In the blocks,

I stitched around all the  embroidery and the block. I thought

that the space needed some extra stitching, to hold the block

down, so I quilted in some swirls. When the whole quilt is laid out,

it looks like  flowers.  In the sashing, I stitched leaves and added

more swirls to finish off the flower.


Here is what the backing looks like. The purple fabric

blends well with the top of the quilt and the stitching

stands out really well too.


Here is the second quilt that Anna made. She was one

busy lady this past year. I love the green fabric too.


In the  sashing, I quilted a wavy line.  I wanted to quilt

this one a little different from the first one.  These 2 quilts

were going to sisters so I wanted them to be slightly different

from one another.


I also used a white and green polyester thread and again

stitched around the embroidery and the outside of the block.

This time, I quilted hearts in the corners of the white blocks.


The backing is a solid  green color and the stitching shows

beautifully as well.

Again, from our house to yours, have a Merry Christmas!