Linda’s Quilt, Fabric Postcard # 3 and beginnings of a new quilt.

Whew!!! It is supposed to be summer-just chilling and relaxing by the pool.

All the warm weather is enticing me outside but I am still finding time to


This is Linda’s quilt for her grand daughter.  Linda took a class at a local

quilt shop, in Barrie.  The strip of blocks, on the right hand side, is  my favorite.

Linda's Quilt

Linda’s Quilt

A grey polyester thread was used on the back of this quilt and a white polyester

thread for the front of the quilt.


“Flirtatous” is the name of the panto Linda chose.  Because the quilt

is for a teenager, we thought that this quilting design was appropriate.


I am amazed at how the quilt transforms when the stitching is added

to it. It gives the quilt dimension and brings it to life.



The blocks almost look like it belongs to a sampler quilt but the layout

makes it look more modern.


Modern quilts are really beginning to grow on me.  Making 30 blocks

of the same design is boring to me and takes a long time. Some of the

piecing for the modern quilts do not take alot of time to piece;  when I

am beginning to wish I had never started the quilt, I am finished with

the piecing and can get on to the fun part: quilting it.


Here is the backing-a grey swirl fabric.  I think it is a great

choice for the backing and makes the quilt reversible as well.

On to other exciting news.

Pearl Piera, is offering a free BOM for 2014.  This is the first block that

I have completed thus far.  As you can tell, I am behind but there is no

set deadline so I will just putter along.


Here is a close up of the first block.  The colors here look blue but

in reality, they are more of a purple color.


This last photo shows the top of the Holly Hocks block.


This is week # 3 of the  Postcard Challenge;  “vegetables” are my

theme.  Here, the carrots are  colored in with Prismacolor pencils.

This was once a complete white piece of cotton fabric.  Isn’t is so cool that

you can use more than one medium to create fabric art?


And here is the completed “Carrots” postcard. Can you believe that

I spent 2 hours finishing this postcard?  I think that is crazy too!


I wanted to make them look realistic so I kept thread sketching on the piece.

The whole piece is only 4″ x 6.”

I used 3 different colored threads of orange, red and green.

The dark black  area represents dirt but I don’t think I would use black or brown

thread again.

Both  colors are too stark in contrast with the other colors.  A dark orange thread,

maybe  for the shadows around the carrots themselves.

After all the thread sketching was done, I used fabric markers to make the carrots

even brighter in color.  Don’t forget to heat set fabric markers when you are

finished using them.

What do you think about my carrots?

In this picture, I am cutting up 2 1/2″ strips so I can make a WindChime Quilt.  I

will show you the actual pattern a little later on.  I have not pieced in a long time

and am getting the itch to do so now.  After all the prints are cut, I have to cut

up all the white or cream fabric as well.  All the prints are left overs  from another

quilt that I made with the jelly rolls I had bought several years ago.

I love using leftovers to make another quilt and one that will look so different from the

first one too.



Have a great week!


Hard at it…

This fall has been so crazy, which is a good problem-if there is such a thing.

Custom quilting has kept me busy so it was a nice change when Carol brought

me this quilt.

Carol's Quilt

Carol’s Quilt

I am unsure of the designer but the piecing process is really neat!  Strips or

2 sets of Jelly Rolls are used for the entire quilt.  2  strips are sewn together

and then cut apart in a trianglar shape.  Using 6 of these triangular shapes, the circle

is created.  It is a pretty neat process.  I have made a quilt like this but in

reproduction prints.   The Batiks are really nice too.

Close up of Carol's Quilt

Close up of Carol’s Quilt

Carol decided to use a pantograph for the top-Large Swirl

is the name of the  pantograph.  We used a dark blue polyester

thread and a dark batting as well. If the quilt does beard later on, it

won’t be so noticeable with the black batting.

Donna's Quilt

Donna’s Quilt

Donna brought me this quilt. She is a great piecer!

She wanted it quilted simple so I SID around all the Churn

Dashes.  Straight lines were added in the sashing areas and another

smaller Churn Dash was added in the middle areas of the sashing, just

for interest and to echo the design of the pieced block.

Smaller Churndash

Smaller Churndash

A dark blue polyester thread was used on the dark areas and I used a white

polyester thread in the white areas.

Eva's T-shirt Quilt

Eva’s T-shirt Quilt

My friend, Eva, made this quilt out of T-shirts from her grandson’s

collection.  She did a great piecing job as well.  I was kind of concerned

that the knit in the T-shirts would move alot but she used a knit

stabilizer on the back of each block and there were no problems at all.

The knit did move a little but nothing to cause any major concerns.

I really like quilting kids’ quilts because there is so much inspiration

within the fabrics themselves to use for design purposes.

One of the T-shirt blocks

One of the T-shirt blocks  

In this block, I quilted around Spongebob and the lettering.  Done-easy peasy.

Spiderman Logo

Spiderman Logo

Again, in this block, quilting around the logo was enough

to complete the block and hold everything in its place.

Spiderman and his web.

Spiderman and his web.

This is one of my favorite blocks.  I thought that Spiderman

could use a web so I used a silver metallic thread to create the web in the

lower right hand corner of the block.  Can you see it?

Tye dye block

Tye dye block

I wasn’t quite sure what to do with this block so I quilted

around all the dye areas and the design popped out after that.

Not bad, eh?

One of the best things about  kids quilts  is the fact that they are so

vibrant in color and the designs are so much fun.

I used polyester thread on the quilt top and changed colors often to match the

background colors of the blocks.  The backing was a black and white plaid and the

batting was the thin polyester batting.  I don’t mind working with that stuff but

it does make getting the tension correct a little bit harder.

I am linking this post up with the Canadian Needle and Thread Network.  You should

check them out.

Have a great week.