Block 1 is completed.

Hi there,
The first block, of 16, is now completed. My goal is to complete one block per week. I am being unrealistic, I think, but one can dream. Light green and pink were used instead of the tradtional dark green and red.  Wanting to use the fabric in my stash was the reason for this color choice.  It looks kind of like “Spring” to me.

Block 1 completed

Block 1 completed

I also managed to complete a quilt for a customer. She wanted an allover meandering leaf pattern on the top. I love scrappy quilts so the pattern fits perfectly.

Customer's Quilt

Customer’s Quilt

Besides that, I managed to finish 3 flannel-fleece twin size quilts for the group heading up north, to an Indian Reserve.  Warm, cozy and flannel quilts would be a great gift for someone living in such  a cold climate.

Until next time,