A big mistake…

Last week was busy, as I prepared to participate in our local

Quilt Show, The Simcoe County Rug & Quilt Show. Due to

this happening, I missed posting last week. Now, I am catching up.

However, I did meet a few  people who are telling me that

they can’t see the pictures I have posted online. I really am

not that computer savy but I did figure out what was wrong.

A few weeks ago, I decided to delete most of the pictures in my

blog library.

This cyber housekeeping caused all the pictures on my blog to

also disappear. A big mistake indeed. Now, I have to go back

and upload 2 year’s worth of pictures and post them again on

my blog. So, I apologize for these technical difficulties and I

will try to correct this as soon as possible. Please be patient

with me as I do.

Here are some pictures of Shirley’s Barn Quilt. I totally love

this quilt.


There are 9 blocks made up of different raw edge appliqued barns.

It was interesting in that some of the barns already have a

little bit of stitching on them.


This is my favorite barn of the 9. How can you not love a plaid

barn?   Each block also has different fabric used for the

background too. Shirley mentioned that this was a BOM quilt that

she picked up several years ago.


Because the barns are raw edge applique,

Shirley wanted an overall meandering stitch on the quilt.

She also didn’t want any color on the top of the quilt because

it would distract from the barns. What color would you choose



So, we decided to use a clear monofilament thread. It is

the size of one strand of hair so it is pretty fine. It usually comes

in two colors, clear and brown, for darker colors.


On the back of the quilt, I used a green polyester thread

to match the backing.


The clear monofilament almost disappears on the top and

it blends nicely with whatever color it is being stitched onto.


I love the wheel on the side of this barn too.


A pink barn-how is that for style?


The outer border of this quilt is made up of a wonky Log

Cabin. It adds a taste of whimsical to the quilt. Well

done Shirley!!

Have a great week.





Pumpkins anyone?


What better time to work on a fall themed quilt than on a cold

winter’s day?

Shirley made this next quilt as a BOM. Buggy Barn is the

designer of this pattern “Farm Fresh.”

How can  you not love what designs  they create?


I think that the pumpkins are my most favorite part of this

quilt. The quilting lines really make the pumpkins come to



I love the Canadian flags in the flower pot too. I am unsure

if Shirley designed these herself or if they came with the



The flowers in this pot are so cute too. I love the whole thing and

may just have to make one for myself.


Here is what  the watering can and stool look like. It was alot

of fun trying to come up with whimsical designs for each

element of the quilt. Shirley also wanted the background to

be filled with meandering or stippling.


In the border area, I stitched in several more sunflowers. It

really does add a nice touch and gives the viewer something

else to look at. I used a polyester thread for the top and



Here is the stem of the sunflowers in the border.  The thread color

was matched to whatever color was on the top.


The back looks like an entirely different quilt. The backing

is a dark blue batik and the thread shows up beautifully.


The vase of flowers on the back.


Pumpkins anyone?


The watering can, the stool and another vase of flowers.

What a great job Shirley did making this quilt.


Have a great week.

Aunt Millie’s Garden…

This is a quilt made by Lynn. The pattern is Aunt Millie’s Garden by Piece of Cake.

Lynn did a fantastic job of appliquing it and is a fast appliquer.  The fabrics are

alot of fun and I love the colors in this quilt. If you want to see the blocks close up,

just click on the picture of the block and it will open up into a larger window.

Aunt Millie's Garden Quilt

Aunt Millie’s Garden Quilt

Last month, at the Quilt Show, I had seen the exact quilt all quilted and

finished. It looked pretty impressive so I hoped that my ideas and designs

would do it justice.

After all the SID  was done, I decided to background fill all of the 12 blocks

differently. Yes, I am nuts!

Block 1

Block 1

I did a swirl but added a few clouds.

Block 2

Block 2

Feathers were stitched  all around the outside and in the middle areas

as well.  I love feathers and I think that stitching tiny feathers are alot

easier than large ones.

Block 3

Block 3

A tight swirl design was used here.

Block 4

Block 4

Don’t you just love the funky flowers in this block? I didn’t want to use

too many straight lines as fills so I decided to try a flame design instead.

It kind of looks like wood grain to me.

Block 5

Block 5

I was running out of ideas so I used an old stand by for a background fill:


Block 6

Block 6

Love the colors in this block. I even tried several background fills that I

thought of.  This is one of them.  I call it a “pumpkin seed.”  Real creative,

eh? But this is what it looks like to me-an oval shape on top and a point

on the bottom and then an echo all around it.  Each “pumpkin seed” is

nestled to the preceding one so it looks kind of cool.  What do you think?

Block 7

Block 7

I was getting to the end of the quilt and trying to come up with some more

background fills.  What is an applique quilt without some echoing on it?  That

is what this one is all about.

Block 8

Block 8

Again, I love the colors and flowers in this block. I stitched another

swirl design but made it much bigger and not so tight together.

Block 9

Block 9 

Swirls were used again but I added feathers on the circular part of the design.

Amazing how many ways a person can use swirls.

Block 10

Block 10

McTavishing was stitched in this block.   It’s an “S” shape that is

repeated over and over again, all over the block.

Block 11

Block 11

Pebbles were stitched all over the background of this block.

I love pebbles;  Never seem to get tired of them.

Block 12

Block 12

The last block has tiny leaves sitched all over it.  They are nestled pretty close

together and I think it makes a neat design.  This is the other design that I came up

with and I think that I may use it again in the future.

Now, for the borders.  I decided to stitch a swirl design on the outside of the border.

Border area

Border area

Who can resist feathers on an applique quilt?

As I mentioned earlier, the other quilt had feathers running along the vine.  Rose had

quilted it so I thought I would use the same idea. Thanks Rose.

On the inside of the border, I used 2 different fills-pebbles and the “Pumpkin Seed” fill.

Border area

Border area

I think that it breaks up the border somewhat and adds more interest to the

border area.

Border area

Border area

What do you think?

I used a cotton light cream thread on the top and backing for all

the SID work.  Then I switched over to a light cream thread that is

about the size of one hair strand.  It is quite fine but doesn’t add

alot of thread build up when all the background fills are done.

I think that I did the quilt justice.

Have a good week.

School is in-Yeah!

School is in! Yeah! I am both happy and sad – happy that the bickering is
over but sad that I am alone again-during the day. On the brighter side,
I can get back to work and quilting.
Last week, I had to get 2 quilts done for customers. Debbie has just
taken up quilting and this was her first quilt. I think that she did a
great job!

Debbie's first quilt.

Debbie’s first quilt.

I stitched in the ditch around each block and picture. Trees were added

in the blocks with the bear and moose-just for fun and also to help hold

the blocks together.  I used a polyester thread-cream, blue and brown on the

top. On the backing, cream was chosen.

Back of Debbie's quilt.

Back of Debbie’s quilt.

She loved the quilt and is planning to hang it in her house.  It is great to

use the quilts that we make instead of keeping them locked up in a trunk

or closet somewhere. Let them out!

Joy also brought me a quilt that she had made.  She too was learning

how to quilt and I actually taught her how to make this pattern in

a class, several years ago.

I am still debating whether to teach classes or not.

Joy fell in love with some stippling or meandering that she saw and this is

what is stitched all over the quilt.

Joy"s quilt.

Joy”s quilt.

We chose a dark blue polyester thread on both top and back.

She loves it and is planning to bind it this upcoming weekend.

I think she did a great job!  what a great feeling to actually finish

something and then to be able to move onto a new project.

Here is the back of the quilt:

Back of Joy's quilt

Back of Joy’s quilt

It is hard to see the design due to the color of the thread and the color

of the backing-but it is there.

Have a great week.