Getting Closer to Christmas…

Hoping that you are getting prepared for the big day next week. I still have

wrapping and cookie baking to do. What about you?

It is nice when everything is done and you can sit back, for a while anyways,

and enjoy the celebrations. I am planning on being better prepared next year.

This is a quilt that Figo, a modern branch of Northcott, released in their Fall, 2020, digital line. It is very

colorful and bright, perfect for this time of the year.

Another quilt of Figo’s Fall, 2020, digital fabric release. Love the blue backing on this quilt.

I love the feather wreath on this quilt. It is so traditional but I love it. You really can’t see it that much on the

front of the quilt but it certainly stands out on the back.

I like the colors of this quilt too. Circles were stitched in to help add some movement to the straight lines

of the piecing.

And lastly, another Figo quilt. The subtle wavy line does add lots of movement to the quilt top.

Hope you enjoyed the show. Stay safe and see you next week.

Making Masks…

I have been making masks for several weeks now.

Kids’ fabrics always look like so much fun so I had to make some

masks, just to try them out. Of course, I did find homes for them, so it

was not a futile exercise. I found the free pattern on

I ran out of elastic so I made my own strips for the masks. They took a

little bit of time to create but they match the mask. Fashion is not

out of style, even when wearing a mask.

There are several types I have made but I like this style the best. So easy to cut

out and sew together.

Angie’s Quilt

This quilt was made by Angie and I love all the hearts covering it. It amazes me

how much the stitching brings a quilt to life. Of course, the texture is what

draws me in.

I also used a light pink polyester thread for the quilt top and the backing.

The Backing

I love a solid backing because you can see all the quilting and the texture

it creates. Backings, like the quilt top, is a very personal choice though. Pick

what you like.

Pat’s Quilt

I really love this feather quilt. Straight lines really call to me right now.

Pat made this quilt and she did a great job. The colors are really

interesting too, although the sunlight doesn’t do the quilt justice.

Straight lines were quilted all over the top.  A man is receiving this quilt,so

straight lines work well.

The backing

You can see all the texture and straight lines on the backing of the quilt.

Have a safe week and enjoy the sunshine.


End of September?

I can hardly believe that it is the end of September already. It seems

like time is on wheels and every time I turn around, another 2 weeks

have gone by.

This is what the last 2 weeks have produced.


This is Dara’s quilt, for her grandson;  She wanted

something modern, with squares all over it.


So I freehanded the squares. Most of them are fairly straight but a few are

not. I must say that it was fun stitching the squares freehand, I didn’t have to

follow a  pattern and it stitched  out fairly quickly.


I used a  browny orange polyester thread for the top and the backing.

It makes tension issues alot easier for me when using the same color on the top

and the backing.


The backing matched the front really well and I think her grandson will love

his new quilt.


This is one of Maureen’s quilts that she brought to me. She wanted something

quick and relatively inexpensive. I chose a panto called “Swirls” by Norma Sharp.

It stitches out really quickly and adds some nice movement to the top.


This top was  a sampler and it has the shape of a Canadian maple leaf. It is the

first Canadian sampler that I have seen like this. I like the outer border on this

quilt. It reminds me of the Delectable Mountains pattern.


I was stumped as to what thread color to use on the top and the backing.

Maureen had said to pick whatever I wanted.  I know that some people

like the thread color on the backing to show but I didn’t know what

Maureen preferred.  So, I picked a burgundy polyester thread for the top

and a bright red polyester thread for the backing.  I picked burgundy because

burgundy made up the majority of color on the top and if I have tension issues,

it would blend with the red polyester thread on the backing as well.


If you look closely at the white sections, it does look like white thread but it

is really a burgundy color. A bright red color makes up the backing fabric.


This is Maureen’s second quilt. I chose a Linda Taylor design called

“Baby Curls.”  It is quite large but it stitched out fast  and fit the

space quite nicely.


The outer border of the quilt. I used a cream color polyester thread for

the top and the backing.


You can see the panto design more clearly on the back of the quilt.


Maureen’s 3rd Quilt

This is another one of Maureen’s quilts. She dropped it off and when I

put it on the machine, I fell in love with the colors and the stars. It felt

like it was telling me to love it and give it a home.

I hummed and debated for several days about whether or not to buy

it from Maureen. Finally I gave in and emailed her. Now, I am the

proud owner of this quilt and hopefully I will be able to quilt it soon.

You’ll have to stay tuned for this one. I do have some ideas in mind but

the final decisions will be made when it is on the frame.

Have a great week.


Tale of a modern quilt


Holly's modern quilt

Holly’s modern quilt

Holly made a great Modern Quilt.  She also knew what she

wanted quilted on it so that made my job even easier.  Straight lines

in the light blue areas and Greek Keys in the dark solid blue area.

I uesd  polyester thread in the top and bobbin.

Back of Holly's quilt

Back of Holly’s quilt

The back of  the quilt.  What a great idea, using up leftover blocks

from the top of the quilt for the backing. We also used a black

batting so if any bearding occured, it wouldn’t look so bad.


The orange color really stands out but fits in with the other

colors as well.


In the bubble blue ares, straight lines were stitched as well.  I used a

polyester blue thread in both the top and bobbin. The small orange square

was left unquilted due to its small size.

Have a great week. Linking up to Freshly Pieced.  I also dyed some fabric this

week.  Will show you what happened next week.





My sewing machine is home again!


My domestic sewing machine has finally made its way home again.  A blown fuse was the culprit so it wasn’t too bad, although I did miss it while it was gone.

Do you remember the quilt that got away?  I thought that I had taken a photo of it but didn’t.  Well, I did have that quilt in my house and I did manage to get a photo for you.

Linda's Strippy Quilt

Linda’s Strippy Quilt

Here is Linda’s finished quilt.  She mentioned that she has done one of these for each of her children.  Can you believe that?  All those strips pieced together so precisely and kept so nice and straight too.  Again, the borders were square and flat.  That definitely makes my job easier. I SID  (stitched in the ditch) around all the strips and quilted a freehand design  in the border and sashing areas.

Carol also made a “modern quilt” for an upcoming charity fundraiser.  She had seen the pattern somewhere but didn’t have the chance to buy the pattern.  So, she designed the pattern herself and made the quilt!  Talented or what!?

Carol's "modern" quilt

Carol’s “modern” quilt

Because the quilt had a “modern” feel to it, Carol wanted some “modern” quilting.  So, I SID (stitched in the ditch) around all the strips and “pebbled”  around all the sashing and border pieces.

Pebbling on Carol's quilt

Pebbling on Carol’s quilt

All those  pebbles look pretty cool.

Pebbles  up close and personal

Pebbles up close and personal


As promised, I have 2 more small art quilts for you.  At this rate, I will have to finish those other 26.

Autumn Leaves

Autumn Leaves

Several of the leaves were created using Sulky’s Water Soluble stabilizer.  First, I drew a leaf pattern on the clear stabilizer and then stitched it to death with thread.  After all the leaf shape had been outlined with thread, I had to fill in the entire remaining area with thread.  If I remember correctly, the 2 yellow leaves, on the right and left sides, in the middle of the quilt, were created this way.  The other leaves were cut out and stitched on with a straight stitch around the entire leaf.  Dissolving the 2 leaves were interesting.  The stablizer dissolved but there was some gunk in the sink afterwards but it cleaned up ok.

Pumpkin quilt

Pumpkin quilt

This sad looking pumpkin was created using NeoColor Water Pastel Crayons.  Try saying that 10 times fast!

Before I used the crayons, this entire piece of fabric was white.  It truly was.

If you like to color, this is the project for you.  All you have to do, is color the entire piece of fabric into whatever design or pattern you like.

I ironed my fabric to a piece of freezer paper so that it would be somewhat stablized while I was cloring it.   Then I drew a pumpkin on the fabric, with an orange crayon.  After the leaves and sky were colored in, water was spritzed onto the fabric and allowed to dry.  I tried to quilt lines onto the pumpkin but it turned out looking more like  an onion than a pumpkin.

I fused 2 layers of green fabric for the leaves and then cut them out.  A piece of twine is used for the vine.  Voila!  My pumpkin is complete.

And on that note, I will give you a glimpse of what quilt is hanging around awaiting my finishing touches.

 Applique Quilt

Applique Quilt

Isn’t this one  a beauty?  Applique quilts are “my one weakness.”  Can you guess who said that quote or what series this came from?

I will let you know the answer next week and I will show you my completed art quilt for that upcoming competition I mentioned before.

Until next week,

Happy sewing.