A Mish Mash of Projects

Here are some of the projects I have been working on lately. It is a real mish mash of

projects but at least something is being completed.

This is a quilt that Dale made.  All that piecing amazes me.  And the top

is so flat- no puckers at all.  Great piecing Dale!


Another shot of the blocks in this quilt top.


Dale chose a panto named “WaterWorld.”  It is quite swirly-which

I love. I think it fits this quilt perfectly. I used a white polyester thread

for both the top and the backing.


A more complete shot of the whole quilt top. It is hard to find a space that

is large enough to lay out the entire quilt and get a good shot.


The backing is made up of a pink flannel.  I love flannel on the backs of

quilts- makes them feel softer and is warmer.  The quilting also shows

up beautifully as well.

Switching gears now.  This is what is on the frame currently.


Straight lines are becoming one of my favorites right now. Funny how certain

quilting motifs or stitching grows on you.


Look at the piecing on this baby!  Whew!  I can’t imagine the time it must have taken

to complete this quilt.  I will show you a picture of the entire thing next week.

And lastly, another project that I am working on as well. This fun pattern is

named “From Deauville to Cape Cod.”  A lady in France, named Roxanne, from

Scrap, Quilt, Stitch designed the pattern.  You can purchase it from her. It is a BOM and

I am enjoying it thus far. I have the second block but haven’t started it yet.  Too many

other little projects to be done first.


Have a great week.

My WIP for the week

This little baby quilt has quite the history.  Orginally, I had quilted

an edge to edge pattern- stars and loops all over it, in a variegated thread.

The owner didn’t like the finished product and neither did I.  So, that meant

picking out all the stitching- all 5 hours worth of it.  Now, it looks much better.

BAby quilt

BAby quilt


Carol decided that she wanted the blocks outlined so I SID around

all the piecing in a white polyester thread.  The backing has a dark green

backing so that is the color we chose for the back as well.




Here is a close up of the block and I think it  looks much better.

If you look closely, you can still see the stitching from the earlier panto but

I think that the first wash will take care of that.

Did I forget to mention that I have a second one to do too?

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Hard at it…

This fall has been so crazy, which is a good problem-if there is such a thing.

Custom quilting has kept me busy so it was a nice change when Carol brought

me this quilt.

Carol's Quilt

Carol’s Quilt

I am unsure of the designer but the piecing process is really neat!  Strips or

2 sets of Jelly Rolls are used for the entire quilt.  2  strips are sewn together

and then cut apart in a trianglar shape.  Using 6 of these triangular shapes, the circle

is created.  It is a pretty neat process.  I have made a quilt like this but in

reproduction prints.   The Batiks are really nice too.

Close up of Carol's Quilt

Close up of Carol’s Quilt

Carol decided to use a pantograph for the top-Large Swirl

is the name of the  pantograph.  We used a dark blue polyester

thread and a dark batting as well. If the quilt does beard later on, it

won’t be so noticeable with the black batting.

Donna's Quilt

Donna’s Quilt

Donna brought me this quilt. She is a great piecer!

She wanted it quilted simple so I SID around all the Churn

Dashes.  Straight lines were added in the sashing areas and another

smaller Churn Dash was added in the middle areas of the sashing, just

for interest and to echo the design of the pieced block.

Smaller Churndash

Smaller Churndash

A dark blue polyester thread was used on the dark areas and I used a white

polyester thread in the white areas.

Eva's T-shirt Quilt

Eva’s T-shirt Quilt

My friend, Eva, made this quilt out of T-shirts from her grandson’s

collection.  She did a great piecing job as well.  I was kind of concerned

that the knit in the T-shirts would move alot but she used a knit

stabilizer on the back of each block and there were no problems at all.

The knit did move a little but nothing to cause any major concerns.

I really like quilting kids’ quilts because there is so much inspiration

within the fabrics themselves to use for design purposes.

One of the T-shirt blocks

One of the T-shirt blocks  

In this block, I quilted around Spongebob and the lettering.  Done-easy peasy.

Spiderman Logo

Spiderman Logo

Again, in this block, quilting around the logo was enough

to complete the block and hold everything in its place.

Spiderman and his web.

Spiderman and his web.

This is one of my favorite blocks.  I thought that Spiderman

could use a web so I used a silver metallic thread to create the web in the

lower right hand corner of the block.  Can you see it?

Tye dye block

Tye dye block

I wasn’t quite sure what to do with this block so I quilted

around all the dye areas and the design popped out after that.

Not bad, eh?

One of the best things about  kids quilts  is the fact that they are so

vibrant in color and the designs are so much fun.

I used polyester thread on the quilt top and changed colors often to match the

background colors of the blocks.  The backing was a black and white plaid and the

batting was the thin polyester batting.  I don’t mind working with that stuff but

it does make getting the tension correct a little bit harder.

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Have a great week.

Playing catch up.

School is in and I am playing catch up.  In several weeks  time, there is an annual

quilt show that I attend. Every year, it seems I am behind and have to race like mad to

complete a quilt to  hang in the show.  Only this year, I forgot to hand in my intent

form and so I have no quilt to hang in the show.

I do have a booth so I can hang it there.  It is nice to have a new quilt to show.

This is my new quilt-hot off the sewing machine.  If you look closely-it is not quilted!

This is my job this week-to completely finish and bind it.

A Bonnie Hunter quilt pattern.

A Bonnie Hunter quilt pattern.

This pattern came from Bonnie Hunter.  I think her website is called

Quiltville but I could be mistaken.  She allows people to use her patterns

to make a quilt but not to sell the pattern itself.  Pretty generous of her, if

you ask me.

I have been debating whether to custom quilt this one or just do an

all over design.  Due to the time restraints I have , I am leaning towards

a pantograph.  What do you think?

This cute quilt was made by my friend, Arlene.  She is a great piecer and I

love the colors in this quilt.

Arlene's snowman quilt

Arlene’s snowman quilt

Arlene wanted light stitching around the snowmen, in the panel


Snowman panel section

Snowman panel section

I didn’t want to stitch any design in the piano key border so

I stitched around each individual key. I think it helps the border

to stand out even more.

Piano key border

Piano key border

I also decided to put a small snowflake in the four corners

of the inner blue border.  Can you see them?  A swirl was

added too, just for movement and due to its quickness.

In each pieced block, I was thinking about putting in a large

snowflake to fill the entire area  but later decided against it.  I think

the snowflakes would have been too big.  So, I SID around

the pieced blocks and stitched in a smaller snowflake.

Snowflakes in the pieced blocks.

Snowflakes in the pieced blocks.

I think that looks better.  What about you?

I couldn’t decide which color of thread to use in the pieced

blocks so Arlene chose a gold color-So Fine too.  I think that

it looks better than either the red or the green.

Fall is quickly approaching, so I thought I would show you a

wallhanging that I made about 10 years ago.  I bought it as

a kit from Country Concessions, in Cookstown.  Usually, I

don’t buy kits but the colors and fabric in this one drew me.

It is even hand quilted-did it before I had my longarm.

I still love this wallhanging.

My favorite fall wallhanging.

My favorite fall wallhanging.

All the blocks are blanketed stitched by hand. Yes, it took a long

time but I enjoyed doing it.

Close up of corn

Close up of corn

Even the turkey received a blanket stitch.



What is a fall wallhanging without a turkey?

Have a great week!


Being selfish and enjoying it.

This quilt belongs to Judi from Farm Lane Studio.  She has several cute quilts that I am finishing for her. This one is of blocks surrounded by sashing.  Judi decided that she would like some movement so we went with “Kelsey” due to its circular nature. I think I rather like it. What about you?

Judi's quilt from Farm Lane Studio

Judi’s quilt from Farm Lane Studio

Aren’t you proud of me?  I remembered to include some close up photos as well.

Close up of Judi's quilt.

Close up of Judi’s quilt.

Jeanette also had a quilt that needed to be finished for her granddaughter. It is so cute!  It has tons of butterflies in the fabrics so we chose a pantograph that had butterflies all throughout it.  A variegated thread was also used and I think that it turned out beautifully.

Jeanette's butterfly quilt

Jeanette’s butterfly quilt

And here is a close up of the quilting on it.

Butterfly quilt close up

Butterfly quilt close up

Jeanette was so pleased and thus I was pleased.  I even managed to take a shot of the back of the quilt.  The variegated thread makes the back look like a whole new quilt, one in which you can use,  if you get tired of the front.  Two for the price of one. Now, that is a great deal!

Back of Jeanette's butterfly quilt

Back of Jeanette’s butterfly quilt

Besides all this, I am trying to carve out some time for my own personal quilting. It seems to have taken a back seat but I am about three quarters through piecing a top and I really want to get it done before school is out.  There is a local quilt show coming up in September and it seems I am always rushing to complete something for it.  So, I am being selfish and enjoying it. Hope you have a good week. Keep stitching, Ruth