Quilt Canada-Part 1

Quilt Canada is currently happening at the International

Center, In Toronto, this week. I was there yesterday,

volunteering for several hours. My buddy in crime, as we

manned the door, was Patti Carey. What fun we had

checking tickets. Because I took so many pictures of quilts,

I will be posting them within the next several weeks so

bear with me. Enjoy.


This modern quilt intrigued me. At first glance, you see a

guy wearing sunglasses but as you get up close to the quilt,

all the black colors are really circles. Each one is a different

size though. I thought it was pretty creative.


The Toronto Modern Quilt Guild was displaying some of

their modern quilts. This is a taste of what they have created.


Chains. The blue color is what caught my eye.


I like the layout of this quilt. Again, who comes

up with these ideas? I am learning  that you have to be

brave and just create what you like, irregardless of what

others think.


I like the colors of this quilt too.


Again, the  colors caught my eye. On closer inspection,

you will see that the fabrics are all raw edge applique.


Tracey Lawko created these hay bales. She is quite talented

in that she creates pictures by using only thread. It is

quite impressive to see up close and personal.


Modern quilt

This quilt intrigued me. At first glance, you think that the

fabric is printed this way but it fact, all the shapes on this

quilt was cut and pasted there. All the stitching holds those

pieces in place. Again, how do people come up with these

ideas? It would take me a million years to even think

of such a thing.


I really love this quilt. The horse is comprised of different

colors of chessecloth that has been added to the tan background,

Even the tan rectangle, behind the horse, is one sheer  piece of

fabric. There is alot of stitching on the horse but it is beautiful.


I liked the stitching on this traditional piece so I had to have

a picture of it.


This quilt is so full of color. I really do like the color and

the size draws me to it as well.


How could I pass up this cute little bear?



And puffins, I have a soft spot for them, especially

since I am from Nfld.


They are so cute.


More modern quilts. The quilting adds alot of

dimension to them as well.


Again, the color draws me in. And the piecing is pretty

cool as well.


I am beginning to like the color orange more and more.

I hope you enjoyed the pictures. There are more to come.

Also,note that if you click on each picture, the

picture will pop up larger. Good to know if you want to see

each quilt a little closer.

Before I forget, Kerry Burke’s quilt “Friends of Baltimore”

won “Excellence in Hand Applique.”  Wow! It it truly a

work of art and love. I worked on it for her last summer,

so I am pretty happy about that as well.


Kerry’s “Friends of Baltimore.”


The winning quilt

Have a good week.


Quilt Market-Part 2


Although Quilt Market has been over for almost a month now, I still

have several quilts to show you. I will try to fit the remainder of

the quilts in this post.


Patti’s Runner

Patti Carey made this runner; she wanted alot of quilting and she really

likes Angela Walter’s style of quilting, so that is the look I went for.

Negative space usually freaks me out but I dove in on this one.

Looking back, I would quilt it differently now but every quilt

teaches you something and builds your confidence level.


In the blue sections, I quilted 2 different motifs. They are hard to see here

but one consists of tight swirls and the other was teardrops.  I used a blue

40 weight variegated So Fine thread for this section.


negative space

In the white negative space, another Angela Walter’s design. Large

swirls that are surrounded by teardrops that are echoed.


Between the white area and the blue runner, I quilted in matchsticks.

I love those things but they do take time to quilt in. And  a little

bit of a zig zag  was added for interest.


back of the runner

The backing looks so cool too. I love the texture on the back.


French Braid

This quilt looks so intricate in its piecing but you will be pleasantly

surprised to know that the French Braid seen here is actually made

up of 2 strips of fabric. Each braid is actually 2 strips of fabric, cut

apart and sewn  together with another strip of the same fabric. Isn’t that cool?

It makes a quilt come together even more quickly now and less time



In the French Braids, I SID around all the color sections.

I used a monofilament thread for the ditch work so that I

didn’t have to keep changing thread colors and it almost

disappears in the fabric.


border area

In the circles, in the outside border, I used a Judi Madsen

design but changed it up a bit. It looks like an orange peel but

more straight lines or modern looking.



In the yellow area, in the border, I again followed

Angela Walters and stitched a squiggle on a diagonal. It

almost looks like flames to me.


backing of the quilt

This is what the backing looks like. Pretty funky and fun

as well.



This is a very classy looking quilt. I wasn’t quite sure what to

do with it but feathers came to mind. I wanted to keep the stopping

and starting to a minimum so I decided to carry the feathers around

the blocks  on the diagonal.


Here is a close up of the inside of each square. I used a brown 40 weight

thread in the blue section. It show up nicely. I quilted 1/4″ inside the

square and then divided into fourths and then stitched the curved lines. There

were 52 of these squares so it took a while to complete.


Borders are one area that I struggle with but I think that I am improving

somewhat. In  this border, I continued the shape of the circles in the center

of the blocks and quilted in the same design. I think that it works well.


Tile Quilt

I call this the Tile Quilt, although that is not its real or official name.

But when I looked at this quilt, that is what it reminded me of. So, I tried to

keep the quilting simple so that the piecing would be shown off.


In the large blocks, I quilted in 2 straight lines to show off the block itself

and in the middle square, I used an old pattern I have called Chantilly Lace by

Norma Sharp. I traced the design onto paper, laid it on the quilt, increased by

stitches per inch and quilted out the design.


Chantilly Lace Design

In the larger blocks, I used the same design but it was changed up a little.


Here is the border of this quilt. Chantilly Lace was used again but this time as

a repeat in the border. I did take off the quilt and reload it onto the frame again

when 2 of the border were done. It makes it easier to stitch in than constantly

rolling the quilt.


backing of the quilt

Here is what the backing looks like. You can see the brown thread showing

through but overall, not  bad at all.

Thanks for bearing with me in this long post. Have a great week.




Quilt Market

Once again, I had the privilege of being asked to quilt some quilts

for Northcott, in Vaughan. Although this is a great opportunity for

me, it always makes me feel nervous, stretched, and excited.


This is what one of the quilt tops looked like when I got it. A blank canvas

so to speak. Due to time restrictions and deadlines, I have to

quickly figure out what I am going to stitch on it. Patti Carey usually gives

me her thoughts and wishes about what she would like on the top.


Because this top screams “modern” to me, I thought that I might try

some of Angela Walter’s designs.  There are alot of squares on this top so

I just followed the shape and stitched in squares as well. I didn’t use a

ruler so I am surprised that the lines in the squares are pretty straight.


The backing was white and shows the quilting nicely. I used a white

40 weight thread for the top. And a variegated 40 weight for the colored

squares.  Because the batting is really thin, the thread brands used on

these quilts are usually So Fine, King Tut, Bottom Line, and Fantastico.

They do have a lovely sheen to them and show the texture of the quilting.

Here is the second one that I worked on. I did manage to quilt  11 tops

in a span of 2-3 weeks. Yes, it was quite the feat but most were only

50-60″ in size.  At the end of this marathon, I didn’t even want to

think about quilts at all, at least not for a couple of days.


This is a nice top. At first, I had no idea about quilting designs

but I thought that I would connect all that sashing around the brown

stars. And feathers are fast so I quilted feathers in that area using a

variegated blue thread-So Fine-40 weight.


In the brown stars, I quilted in 4 straight lines in the center of

the block and then filled in the space with swirls. It is a Judi Madsen

design. It stitches out really quickly and looks great.

In the area outside of the stars, I quilted 1/4 ” around the block and

then some straight line ruler work.


outer border

In the small outer border, I thought that something simple

would be appropriate so I did a double set of lines on an

angle to resemble the stars.


The back of the quilt was a nice dark blue.


The brown thread from the front did come through onto the

backing a little but it can’t be avoided sometimes.

Have a great week.



As promised…

As I promised from last week, here are a few more pictures of what I was working

on for Northcott.


This runner was designed by Diane MeGregor of Castilleja Cottons.

Diane wanted a fairly simple quilting design so I decided to play up

the squares and quilted  straight lines.


The stitching almost looks like a picture frame.

In the outer orange border, I carried the stitching into that area too.

It emphasizes the square shapes as well.  I don’t think that any motif

would have looked good in this border area.


Ah, the backing.  What great texture on the back as well.  A 40 wt

embroidery variegated thread was used for the top and the backing.

I am learning that it is a good idea to use the same weight of thread

for the top and the back, less tension issues that way. The thread brand

varied from Fantisico, to So Fine, to Bottom Line.  All seemed to

work ok but it shreds alot on the back so you have to make sure that

you secure it  well when starting and stopping.


My second Bargello runner.  Again, Diane designed this runner. What a

great job she did too.  Intially, I thought that this would be so simple to quilt.

Boy, was I wrong.  The lines are simple but do you know how hard it is to

stitch a large curved smooth line?  You can see  every squiggle you make. I did

pick out the really bad squiggles and re quilt them but overai, it worked out well.


Don’t you just love the lines?  I used a 40 wt variegated thread on the top  and backing.


What great lines and texture that the quilting created.  Can you tell that I love



I know you saw this one last week but I really like how it turned out.

Daphne Greig, of Patchworks Studio is the designer of this runner.


This block is one of my favorites.  Yes, the texture again

is calling to me. Feathers were included too because it felt like the runner

was a little traditional and classy, all at the same time. Swirls were added

too, to break up the straight lines and add some variety to the runner.


And the backing shows off the quilting and the texture as well.

A 40 wt thread was used for the top and backing too.

Have a great week!


A Short Post..

These past few weeks have been a little crazy around here.  The upcoming

Quilt Show in Houston, Texas is reaching even into my little corner of the world.

Patti Carey, of Northcott, in Toronto has contacted me to quilt a few more

pieces for her. What a great opportunity.  Because of how busy I am, this will

be a short  post. This is just a teaser-there will be more eye candy when

the deadlines are past.


This piece was designed by Daphne Grieg of Patchworks Studio.

I love the colors on this runner and felt it was a little formal so I used alot

of straight lines.


Feathers were also incorporated.  I love feathers and they dress up

any quilt.


What a great shot of the runner. It fits the season to a tee.


I had to show you the quilting around the block.  I love, love, love

straight lines and the texture they produce.

Have a great week.

IPM Quilt Show -part 1

Rose Bell's winning quilt-Elegance.

Rose Bell’s winning quilt-Elegance.

“Elegance” won Judges Best of Show.  Rose Bell, of Elite Quilting,

was the longarmer who quilted it.  She did a fantastic job.

Close up of Rose's quilting.

Close up of Rose’s quilting.

This close up shows Rose’s talent and ability.  What a

great job she did.


Patti Carey, of Northcott, is the designer of this pattern.  I am unsure of

the piecer but it was a nice addition to the Show.



This quilt reminds me of Sue GArman-all the intricate

piecingin the blocks and the borders.


You have to love all the colors in this quilt.


Speaking of colors, what do you think about the colors in this one?



A close up of the previous quilt.  I really love the border in this quilt.


Anyone recognize this quilt?  Yes, it is my Lily. And no, it did not

win any prizes or awards.  Yes, I was disappointed but I will try to

learn something  positive from this whole experience.


What  a fun quilt! This one won 2nd in the small category for

wallhangings, I do believe.  This is an  original design by the piecer too.


What fun and imagination by the designer.


All the pieces in the Orange Peels were hand appliqued onto the

quilt top.  And it is even hand quilted too!  It won 3rd place in the

small wallhanging category.


Hexies are popular right now so this one fits in beautifully.  Wow!

Someone has alot of patience.


This is Kerry Burke’s Baltimore Album quilt-it won 1st in the small

wallhanging category.  All hand appliqued and machine quilted by

Rose Bell once again. I wanted to get the whole quilt but someone

was talking in front of it and I didn’t want to tell them to move.


Here are some of the smaller wallhangings in the Show.


This one is very impressionistic, I think.


Love the green fabric and the ladybugs too.


The leaves really do look 3D when you are close to the quilt.


Looking very Canadian, eh?

1st place wallhanging

1st place wallhangingSONY DSC

The Cabin wallhanging won 1st in the Wallhanging category.  The

designer pieced the quilt from one of her photos.

The bottom wallhanging won 2nd in the small wallhanging category.

Very abstract and modern indeed.

Hope you liked the eye candy so far.  Next week, I will show you the remainder

fo the quilts.  I thought that 60 pictures of quilts might be a bit much.

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A Quilt Marathon

Well, last week saw me having a lazy catch up week.

This week has been the exact opposite-Crazy!!  I received an email from Patti Carey, of Northcott.

Back in October, 2012, she asked me to qult 10 quilts for her, within a span of 2 weeks.  Quilt Market was coming up in Houston and she needed some quilts done fast.

That really stretched my  skills but I survived the 2 weeks.  Now, I am working on 5 quilts within a week and  a half time span.

I have 3 completed as on right now and am hoping to finish the third tomorrow before I go and see “The Wizard of Oz.”

Getting back to quilting, I have been working from 9am until 9pm and so life has been a little hectic.

This is  my second time participating in a Quilt Marathon, as I call it.

These quilts are for Quilt Market, on May 17th, in Portland, Oregon.

I aplogize for the lack of  photos but am hoping to have some for you next week.

Thanks for your patience.

Have a great week.