A Baby Boom…

This is the second week of baby quilts;  I am beginning to think that there is a

baby boom out there, or at least in this area of Central Ontario.

Modern BAby Quilt

One of my husband’s co-workers just had a baby boy.  And my husband wanted

a quilt for the baby. So, I picked this up at Lens Mills and quilted it. Because this

was a rush job, I merely outlined the blocks.

Cute baby blocks

I thought the pattern was cute. The edging has no binding because I folded both

of the backing and top edges together and stitched it down.

The backing

I decided on a fun blue flannel print for the backing. The flannel will

help keep the baby warm and it is so soft.

I don’t know about you but I find making quilts for other people so hard,

especially when you don’t know them that well. Quilts and art are similar in

that peoples’ tastes are so different and unique.

Guild Comfort Quilt

Our Guild, Kempenfelt Guild, usually makes alot of comfort quilts for the

local hospital. Here are 2 that I have been hanging onto for the past 7 months.

Time to get them done and out the door.

Brenda bought all the fabric and pieced these  2 following Comfort quilts together.

It never  ceases to impress me how generous quilters are with their time and money.

Thanks Brenda!

The backing\

The backing of the first Comfort Quilt. Here is Brenda’s second Comfort quilt.

Comfort Quilt #2

This one is really cute and what a great idea to give non quilters such

a homemade and unique gift.

For both quilts, I stitched a fun panto called “Popcorn” onto the quilts. I also

used a matching polyester thread for the top.

Jeanette is on a mission to make all of her grandkids a quilt. She is almost there

too. The middle of this quilt is a panel and she added the 9 Patch and Monkey Wrench

blocks to make the panel into a quilt and fit onto the  twin bed size.

Jeanette’s Quilt

What a great idea! Did I mention how smart quilters are as well?

The backing is really a darker color but my camera and monitor are having issues with

one another. Jeanette chose a simple swirl design to represent the motion of a truck

moving. A grey polyester thread was used for the top and backing too.

Anne’s Quilt

Anne is also making quilts for her grandkids. I didn’t know there was “Anne Of

Green Gables” fabric out there but there is. One of Anne’s grandkids is reading

the “Anne Of Green Gables” series and so, she made her a quilt to go along with it.

I am sure that her grand daughter will cherish this quilt for a long time.

Flowers were stitched onto the quilt; if you look at the light pink fabric, you can

see the flowers.

The backing is also fun and suits the quilt perfectly. A light So Fine blue thread

was used for the top and the backing.

Anne’s 2nd quilt

Anne also made this fun quilt for her grandson. She said that she had alot of fun

putting this one together and it went together fast due to all the big sizes of the

blocks.Her grandson loves soccer and so the fabric is spot on.

The backing

And the backing is perfect as well. Well done Anne! I am sure your grandson will

love this quilt. Again, a simple swirl was chosen to mimic the rolls of the soccer ball.

Lori made this lovely quilt for someone special too. She was quite creative in that

she designed the outer  border area. What a great idea to use up leftovers from the

top and a great way to add interest  as well.

Lori’s Quilt

Here is a close up of the border area and the blocks in the quilt itself.

Lori chose a floral design and I quite like how it looks in the border area.

A white polyester thread was used for the top and the backing.

The backing.

Having such a dark backing can really create alot of tension issues if you choose

to use 2 different colored threads, especially a light for the top and a dark for the

backing. But we longarmers try our hardest to make it work.

I hope you enjoyed the eye candy, have a great week and check out

The Needle and Thread Network.


A Week of Baby Quilts…

It seems to be a week of baby quilts lately. There seems to be

a baby explosion around here. Arlene has completed her second

baby quilt.

Arlene’s Quilt

I think that Arlene is covering all her bases by creating 2 baby quilts, just to make

sure she has one on hand for whatever sex the baby is when he/she is born. Smart


Close up

I love the colors that Arlene used and she is so precise in her piecing. She chose

a simple all over design called “Popcorn.” It has alot of curves so it works well

with all the straight line piecing and blocks.

The backing

Doesn’t the fabric make the quilt? I love the backing material used here.

Cute fabric

A white polyester thread was used for the top and the backing.

Anne’s BAby Quilt

Anne is also expecting some new grandbabies as well. Being the smart grandma

that she is, she also made 2 baby quilts  as well. This is the second one.

The colors are very soothing and the same panto-“Popcorn” was also

used for the quilting.

The backing

I used a light blue polyester thread for the top and the backing.

“Popcorn” panto

The quilting design is really visible on the back of the quilt.

Linda’s Quilt

Linda has been busy completing these next 2 quilts.   She chose a light grey

polyester thread for the top and a dark blue polyester thread for the backing.

“Brocade” is the name of the panto used for the quilting design.

The backing shows up the quilting nicely as well.

Around The World Quilt

LInda also owns this quilt. The same panto was used on this quilt as well.

A light cream polyester thread was used for the top and the backing as well.

The backing

The backing of the  quilt is similar to the floral fabric on the top of the


Try checking out the Needle and Thread Network; a Canadian site

dedicated to Canadian quilters and textile artists. Have a great week.

Christmas is almost here…

I have been catching up on the quilts for my customers. Here are

some of the quilts that I have completed recently.


Anne made this lovely table topper for Christmas. The Poinsettas

really stand out  and the pieced border adds alot of interest.


Anne’s table topper.

Anne wanted the outside border to be quilted in an all over design

whereas the center received more attention and detail.


I used a monofilament thread to outline the fused flowers and

then a thin  white thread to fill in the background space with small



The back of the table topper

The outside border shows up the quilting nicely. I think the

name of the panto, on the outside border, is “Snowballs.”

I really love how it looks like a blistery cold winter’s wind.



A peach quilt

It’s been a while since I quilted this one. I think

that it is a sampler quilt.


All the time and effort it takes to create such a quilt top amazes me.

We used a light peach polyester thread for the top and the backing.


The backing

“Flirtatious” is a popular panto I use alot;  it gives so much

movement to the top and the backing. It is a lot of fun to stitch

out as well.


Nathalie created this huge quilt for someone special. I really

love the colors and the pattern itself.


The blocks look fairly simple to make but all the piecing sure takes

alot of time.


A light taupe polyester thread was used for the top and the backing.


I loved pieced backings, almost like having 2 quilts in one. Sometimes,

though, if there is alot of piecing on the backing, it creates alot of drag

and bumps for the hopping foot, on top. So, please keep this in mind

when you  are deciding to add  pieced backings to your quilts.


Again, the piecing astounds me.


I think that Lynn created this quilt top. She is a very talented

quilter and always has the best fabric around.


We used the panto “Flirtatious”once again.


The backing of the quilt.

Jeanette made this quilt and it comes with ATTITUDE.

The inside area is really a panel with fun fabrics for the

outside borders.


Each block has a different Scripture verse on it. I really

love it!!


Even the border has fun fabrics on it. And the colors are

pretty wild as well.


Jeanette chose a vibrant yellow flannel for the backing;  although

it looks more like orange on my monitor.


A bright yellow backing

Here you can see the fun panto we used. “Splat” is the

name of the panto and its name even depicts fun.


Jeanette also created this  Christmas  wallhanging.

Nancy Halvorsen is  the designer and she designs

lovely Christmas Nativity scenes.


Jeanette’s wallhanging

Blocks were used to create the outer border and what

better way to dress up a panel?


Stars were quilted all over the top and suits it just fine.


The pieced blocks even have Christmas prints in them.


The backing

The backing also carries over the colors from the front of

the wallhanging.



This is another one of Lynn’s quilts. I was at her house

visiting one day and she showed me all of the quilts in her

closet. WOW!! I hope she doesn’t get mad at me for

mentioning this.


White polyester thread was used for the top and the backing.

A floral  panto was used for the quilting design.


The funky backing

Lynn made this quilt for one of her grand kids that likes

music. I love the pieced piano keys for the border.


A musical quilt.


Some of the blocks in the quilt.  “Lyrical” was the name

of the panto;  I thought it was appropriate due to the musical

nature of the quilt top.


The piano keys border.


The backing

The backing is even comprised of musical instruments, violins

to be exact. Quilters are so generous with their time, talent, and

fabrics. It even took time to search out this fabric. And I am

sure that she didn’t find it on the first trip out.


Another fun quilt by Lynn. I love the bright colors.

This is a huge quilt as well.


Lynn’s quilt

I can not imagine how long it took to create, piece, and finish

this baby.


More pictures of the piecing in this top.


A large overall panto was used for the quilting design

and a white polyester thread was used for the top and

the backing.


The backing

You will notice how large the motifs are on the backing.

When a quilt is large, you can use bigger motifs because

it fits in with the size of the quilt.


I hope you enjoyed all the pictures.  Have a great


Check out the Canadian Needle and Thread Network.




I have to name this post-this is my title.

Here are some of the quilts that I have recently finished for



Can you guess what the theme of this quilt was?


Donna loves bees; and I love the fabrics that are in this quilt.

Color always draws me first into a quilt. It may be color for

some quilters, or pattern, or texture for others.


Donna added so many little hand embroidered bees all over

the quilt top. What a great way to dress it up and make it even

more special.


I had to show some photos of the fun fabrics that are

interspersed all over this quilt top.


Corner block

Even the corner blocks had fun sayings in them.


Another corner block. I used a gold polyester thread for the

top and the backing.


The gold backing. Donna wanted small loops all over the

top and I added some bees, here and there, to dress it up

a bit.


I love the color of the backing as well.

Laura brought this fall themed quilt. The colors are

quite stunning.


Laura’s quilt.


Each block had some picture of fall in it. Laura chose a

light cream polyester thread for the top and the backing.


And there were leaves and acorns stitched all over it.


The backing has roosters on it. It does look fall like but

why not add fabrics that you love best?


I can’t remember who made this quilt but it is lovely.


A butterfly panto/ design was requested and it worked really

well. I used a pink polyester thread for the top and the backing.


The backing

You can really see the butterflies on the backing. Almost makes

it look like 2 quilts in one.


I am linking up with the Needle and Thread Network, a Canadian

site dedicated to artists of all sorts. Take a peek.

Have a great week.

A Quick Hello…

This will be a quick hello as I am literally running out the

door, trying to prep for an upcoming local Quilt Show

this weekend. Who says that a quilter’s life is dull and



Before I leave you, I want to show you one quilt that I

finished last week. Joyce made this beauty and it was

huge!! She says that she always makes big quilts and why



It was a block of the month, if I remember correctly.

She chose a light blue polyester thread for the top and

the backing. The panto chosen was “Happy Times.”


Isn’t the border interesting? I am really beginning to

love pieced borders. It is actually made up of blocks that

are sewn together. I had to take a few glances and guesses

at it to try and figure out how it was sewn together.

Quilters are also pretty clever too.


The backing

The backing was a beautiful dark blue color and it reminded me

of the sky and stars.

Have a good weekend and I will have tons of photos for you for

next week.

Summer time…

I am not sure about you but summer time makes me lazy.

All I want to do is lie in a hammock and take a quiet afternoon

nap. No doubt that this attitude has been cutting into my

quilting time.

Here are a few of the quilts that I have managed to complete

for customers.


Barb’s Quilt

Barb really likes this pattern. Who can blame her?

And batiks, you can’t go wrong with them.


Barb chose an overall design called “Flirtatous;” another

one of her favorites as well. If you like something alot, you might

as well stick with it.


A light purple So Fine thread was used for the top and the

backing. Tension issues are at a minimum then, especially in

the summer with the humidity.


The backing is pretty interesting as well. I really love

pieced backing, as it adds more interest to the back. It

also looks like a totally different quilt; two quilts for the

price of one, not bad indeed.


A soft flannel green fabric was used for the backing. Adding

more of the piecing from the quilt top is quite smart and also

uses up some of the leftovers.


Karen made this quilt. I am seeing more Downton Abbey fabrics

and quilts lately. The prints are very interesting. I think that the

Dresden Plate is seeing a resurgence in popularity lately as well.


Karen wanted an all over pattern so she chose “Blossoms.”

And we used a light purple polyester thread for the top and

backing as well.


The design shows up nicely between the Dresden Plates.


I really like the purple border and how it is pieced together.

Adds more interest than your typical 2 pieces of fabric borders.


The backing has the title of the  British’s Show-Downton

Abbey-printed on it.


A close up of the backing.

Hoping you are enjoying the warm weather and getting

more quilting done than I am.



Jeanette made this quilt. What a great pattern in each

of the blocks.  It reminds me of snowflakes. I used a medium

blue polyester thread for the top and the backing.


An overall design called “Celtic Braid” was the

pattern of choice.


The piecing around the blocks  helps the

snowflakes stand out even more.


A blue flannel is on the back of the quilt.


A close up of the quilting . Flannel really makes the

quilting stand out.


The border of the quilt is comprised of a nice

floral fabric.


Eva made this quilt for her grandson. She is so

ingenious and one of those people who uses whatever

materials are around.


In this case, she used clean (unused boxer shorts) that

her grandson didn’t like. Eva chose a pattern and colors

to co-ordinate with all of the boxer colors. Did I mention

how creative she is as well?


On the backing of the quilt, she used leftover

boxer shorts. No fabric is safe when she is around.


I used a blue polyester thread for the top and the

backing. The “Swirl” panto was the pattern of



Ann created this beauty. It reminds me of spring and is

oh, so cheerful. Ann wanted a swirly design and this

one fit perfectly.


I used a  brown polyester thread for the top and the backing.


The backing was a cheery yellow color as well.


The swirls are a quick panto to stitch out.


Karen’s Snowman Quilt

Karen found this snowman kit and created this quilt.

Each block is colored  with crayons. What a great idea

to get kids involved with quilting!


Karen wanted a swirly design; it resembles a windy

snowy day for the snowmen. If you noticed, 3 of these

quilts have the same quilt pattern on them. Yet,

the design works with each of the different quilts

and patterns.


I used a blue grey polyester thread for the top and the

backing of the quilt.


The close up looks great. Karen used a grey flannel

for the backing too, it makes the quilt, oh so

warm and cuddly as well.

Have a great week.