Blue and green..

Blue and green seem to be the colors that I am being drawn to

lately. It’s funny how my preference for color seems  to keep

changing. Last year, I loved bright reds and oranges. Can you

believe that?

Do you have a preference for a certain color?


Nathalie’s Quilt

This is an interesting pattern but it is the color that is

drawing me in.


The border area

Here is the pieced border. The quilt doesn’t look flat because

I had it bunched up on the floor. It is quite large so I would not

have been able to lay it all out flat.


Again, I love the colors of this quilt. Maybe because I

am also working on my Oceans BOM.


Oceans BOM-completion of blocks only.

I am hoping to have it all pieced within the next 2 weeks so I can

begin adding embellishments. Wish me luck.


The borer area is pretty cool. The pieced border

mimics the piecing in the centre of the quilt but in a

different way.


The backing shows the quilting nicely. Nathalie wanted

an all over design and chose “Quirky.” The design

resembles one of the prints on the front of the quilt.


A pieced backing

I love pieced backings. They add more interest to the back

and use up more fabric as well. Nathalie chose a light

aqua polyester thread for the top and the backing.

Can I brag a little here? My son drew this picture for his

art class, in school.


Mothers can be pretty biased when it comes to their kids’ abilities

but I really do think he is talented when it comes to drawing.


A close up of the baseball. Can I remind you that this is

drawn freehand and with a pencil. Looks pretty

realistic, doesn’t it?

Hope you have a good week.

Can I challenge you to find something amazing about

each of your own children today?

See you next week.

Filling it up…

This is what I have been working on for the past several weeks.

It seems that whenever a quilt needs to be done by a certain time,

that obstacles keep popping up and taking me away from working

on a quilt.


On the frame

This quilt is  no exception. Lots of appointments, a funeral

to attend, kids finishing up exams and life in general seems to be

telling me that this quilt is not going to get completed. I have

other thoughts about this though.


In each block, I decided to stitch in 3 lines around the

perimeter. In the center section, I stitched in pebbles.

If you ask me, I think it makes the blocks and quilt,

in general, look more “classy.” This fits beautifully

with the quilt, as it is a more traditional applique



Stitching the pebbles in the border sections. Sorry for the

terrible lighting. Once this is completed, I will begin

filling up the blocks with background fills. That is always

my favorite part of working on a quilt.

To change up this post, I have added some pictures of

completed quilts I did for customers, before Christmas.


A customer’s quilt.

I can’t remember who made this quilt but it was big!!


The borders were really cool. Leaves were stitched all

over the quilt and I used a cream polyester thread for

the top and the backing.


The cream backing really shows up the pattern nicely.


Modern cars and trucks.

This proud grandma wanted to keep the feel of this

quilt modern. So I stitched in cars, trucks and trains

for her grandson. It was pretty funny because all

of the templates I used for  the vehicles, were bought

at Dollarama. They were made of fun foam too.

It is pretty interesting that you can find alot of quilting

supplies at the Dollar Store. What quilting supplies

have you found at Dollarama?


In the borders, she wanted her grandson’s name and

date of birth. What a great idea!! So I used my Scan & Cut

machine, which my darling husband bought me last summer.


I cut all the letters and laid them out on the border.

Then I traced around them and stitched

them out. What a time saver that was!!


Back of the quilt.

The backing shows up the stitching nicely. I used a white

polyester thread for the top and the backing.


A close up of the trains, cars and trucks.

Remember last week and my encouragement to join the

365 Challenge. Well, the first few blocks only took 5 minutes

or so but the one I made last night took me over an hour!

And it is only 3 1/2″ square.  I am realizing that it takes

alot of accuracy to make these blocks. And it doesn’t help

that the pieces are so small and sometimes move when

you stitch them together.

That is ok though, because I am stubborn and will find some

way to make it work. Any tips for working with small


Have a great week!!

Fast piecing

Here are a some of the quilts that I worked on before Christmas



It always amazes me how fast some people are in getting quilt

tops completed. Dorothy is such a person.

The fabric  looks like cotton but is actually flannel. It should be

really warm and cuddly for whoever is getting it.


The blocks seem fairly simple and the fabric is really nice. Lots of

trees, boughs, pinecones,  and pine needles.  Perfect for this time of the

year. If I remember correctly, Dorothy chose a rusty brown polyester

thread for the top and the backing.  My apologies for not having

pictures of the backing.



How can you not love the bright colors in this quilt? It is for one

of her grandsons. I think that he will absolutely love it.


It has so much great fabrics in it: Thor, Iron Man, and other

comic heroes.


I  had lots of fun just looking at the fabric and picking out

all the superheroes.


Dorothy chose blue polyester thread for the top and the backing. The

stitching pattern is called “Swirls” and adds lots of movement to the

straight piecing in the blocks.


A great “I Spy” quilt.  Once again, the prints and fabrics are fabulous.


I Spy Quilt

Dorothy mentioned trading scraps and fabrics with some of her friends.

That”s a great way to get some new fabric at a great  price.


The backing is pretty cool too. A blue polyester thread was used on the

top and the backing. And a “Circus” panto was stitched onto the top.

Lots of swirls and curls to help add some movement to the quilt top.


A modern Quilt

I really like this quilt.  Dorothy wanted  square boxes all over the

quilt top. I felt really brave that day so I decided to freehand squares

all over the quilt. It was quite liberating and fun! I didn’t have to mark

any lines at all and could just focus on stitching. Quite a feat in and of

itself. Sometimes, I am a bit of a perfectionist and  slight wiggles bug me.


The different sizes and shapes of the squares were fun to stitch in. The only

concern I had was to make sure that I didn’t stitch over any boxes in

previously stitched areas.  A grey polyester thread was used for the top and

a cream for the backing. The backing fabric was comprised of the a solid light

cream color.


What a great design! I love the little squares running through all the blocks.

Dorothy chose a white polyester thread for the top and the backing.

“Happy Times” was the panto used for the quilting design and it adds

movement to the straight blocks too.


A great border for this particular quilt.


The backing

The backing is pretty funky and definitely gives a different look when the

quilt is turned over.

As for my resolution to work on my own stuff, I have added anther project

to the list. This year I want  to complete several of the BOM’s that I have

hanging around from last year.


My design wall

This is what my design wall looks like right now.  Quilt ARt Designs had an

“Oceans” BOM last year. It was comprised of  9 paper  pieced blocks in total.

I am missing 2 in this picture but they are on the bottom of the design wall.

I have an idea in my head of what I would like the finished quilt to look like but

I wonder if the finished quilt will look that good. You will have to stay tuned

for that one. It might be a while.

Have a great week and find some time for yourself.



A quick hello

Here’s a quick hello and hoping that you are having a great week

thus far. Last week brought lots of challenges but I managed

to make it through unscathed. My daughter was less

fortunate though. She picked up Hand, Foot, and Mouth Disease

but it usually passes within a week or so. She is on the mend.

Doesn’t it freak you out that it is November already? Time seems

to be flying by. I guess the old adage :”Time flies when you are having

fun” is true. Here is some of the fun I have been having lately.


Mary made this quilt for a special young man. He chose the colors

and she made the quilt. What a great deal that is!


The blocks are fairly simple but it is always the colors that

change up the look of a block and a quilt.

Mary chose “Swirls” for the design and a light grey polyester

thread for the top and the backing.


The backing is pretty cool in and of itself.


Mary’s backing

This young man loves to play the trumpet and so Mary chose

trumpets for the back of the quilt. It amazes me how much

quilters love to find fabric that the recepient loves. I guess that

is part of the thrill of quilting too, hunting down the perfect

fabric for that special quilt and person. We are such a thoughtful

group. I think you deserve to give yourself a pat on the back today.

For those of you who want to get a head start on Christmas-I am

sorry that I mentioned that word but it is coming. Here is a link

to a site that helps you get organized NOW for Christmas. I have

followed it in the past and it does help alot.

There are 6 weeks in this plan so make sure that you download and

print off the checklist for each week. It helps to put the sheets in

a small binder. It does work.




End of September?

I can hardly believe that it is the end of September already. It seems

like time is on wheels and every time I turn around, another 2 weeks

have gone by.

This is what the last 2 weeks have produced.


This is Dara’s quilt, for her grandson;  She wanted

something modern, with squares all over it.


So I freehanded the squares. Most of them are fairly straight but a few are

not. I must say that it was fun stitching the squares freehand, I didn’t have to

follow a  pattern and it stitched  out fairly quickly.


I used a  browny orange polyester thread for the top and the backing.

It makes tension issues alot easier for me when using the same color on the top

and the backing.


The backing matched the front really well and I think her grandson will love

his new quilt.


This is one of Maureen’s quilts that she brought to me. She wanted something

quick and relatively inexpensive. I chose a panto called “Swirls” by Norma Sharp.

It stitches out really quickly and adds some nice movement to the top.


This top was  a sampler and it has the shape of a Canadian maple leaf. It is the

first Canadian sampler that I have seen like this. I like the outer border on this

quilt. It reminds me of the Delectable Mountains pattern.


I was stumped as to what thread color to use on the top and the backing.

Maureen had said to pick whatever I wanted.  I know that some people

like the thread color on the backing to show but I didn’t know what

Maureen preferred.  So, I picked a burgundy polyester thread for the top

and a bright red polyester thread for the backing.  I picked burgundy because

burgundy made up the majority of color on the top and if I have tension issues,

it would blend with the red polyester thread on the backing as well.


If you look closely at the white sections, it does look like white thread but it

is really a burgundy color. A bright red color makes up the backing fabric.


This is Maureen’s second quilt. I chose a Linda Taylor design called

“Baby Curls.”  It is quite large but it stitched out fast  and fit the

space quite nicely.


The outer border of the quilt. I used a cream color polyester thread for

the top and the backing.


You can see the panto design more clearly on the back of the quilt.


Maureen’s 3rd Quilt

This is another one of Maureen’s quilts. She dropped it off and when I

put it on the machine, I fell in love with the colors and the stars. It felt

like it was telling me to love it and give it a home.

I hummed and debated for several days about whether or not to buy

it from Maureen. Finally I gave in and emailed her. Now, I am the

proud owner of this quilt and hopefully I will be able to quilt it soon.

You’ll have to stay tuned for this one. I do have some ideas in mind but

the final decisions will be made when it is on the frame.

Have a great week.


Summer is flying by…

I’m not sure about you but summer is flying by quickly for me.

It seems like sewing and quilting take a back seat to all that is

happening around me;  Not good for someone who needs a daily

dose of sewing and quilting.

In spite of the flurry of activity, I am managing to do a little bit

of stitching.


This patriotic quilt was made by a young lady and her mom. They have

never quilted before but did manage to design this top all by themselves.

I think that the quilting bug may have bitten them a little as well.

They are already talking about their second quilt.


They wanted something a patriotic design so maple

leaves seemed to fit the bill perfectly. We used a white

polyester thread for the top and backing.


The back of the quilt resembles the Canadian Flag. The recepient

of this quilt is coming back from being in service overseas. The young

lady was very excited to complete this quilt on time for him.


A close up of the stitching and the red fabric on the backing of the

quilt. I think that for a first quilt, these 2 ladies did a great job.



This is Dorothy’s quilt for her son. She wanted to keep the quilt

masculine looking and thus the reason for the grey and black colors.

She did use a hit of color in the middle of each block.


This is what the blocks look like in the quilt.


The backing of the quilt was a brown color. The thread color

was a light grey polyester thread for the front of the quilt and

a light brown polyester thread for the backing.


Although the backing looks cream in this picture, it is an

actually darker brown, as in the photo above.


We used a panto called “Happy Times” to finish off the

masculine look of the quilt. I am sure that her son will love

his quilt.

See you next week.

A Barrel of Monkeys…

Last week seemed like a barrel of monkeys with all the activities

that were going on but I am back on track this week.

Lynn created this adorable Sock Monkey quilt.


The fabrics in this quilt are so much fun; Lynn always has really

cool fabric.  These sock monkeys are no exception.

Lynn decided that she wanted an all over design so we went with

“Quirky.” What a great name for a  design and it fits the monkeys perfectly.


How can you not love these critters? Even the backing shouts monkeys.

When I loaded this quilt on the frame, I mistakenly put the backing on

the front. I had to take it off and reload it once again. Whose acting like

a monkey now?


It is a pieced backing so it will seem as if the receipent is getting 2 quilts in one.

Here is the backing. We used a light yellow polyester thread for the

front and the back of this quilt. There are alot of different colors so the

yellow blends well with all of them.

Here is  another quilt that Lynn created. She is quite the creative

quilting force.


Lynn chose “Happy Times.” It adds nice texture and movement

to the rectangular shapes of the quilt top.


The backing consisted of a blue fabric and the stitching shows up nicely.

Can you see the string of pearls on the fabric?


Karen made this quilt at a local quilt shop. It was a BOM Quilt

with lots of piecing in it. The colors are really soft and beautiful.


This section of the outer border shows up the quilting nicely. Karen chose

“Celtic Vine” as her all over pattern; a taupe polyester thread was used as well.


The taupe blends with all the colors yet isn’t too loud for the quilt.

Here is the backing fabric, although a little dark.


A close up of the panto on the back of the quilt. This is a really

classy design  that works well with alot of designs.

Have a great week!