Summer is flying by…

I’m not sure about you but summer is flying by quickly for me.

It seems like sewing and quilting take a back seat to all that is

happening around me;  Not good for someone who needs a daily

dose of sewing and quilting.

In spite of the flurry of activity, I am managing to do a little bit

of stitching.


This patriotic quilt was made by a young lady and her mom. They have

never quilted before but did manage to design this top all by themselves.

I think that the quilting bug may have bitten them a little as well.

They are already talking about their second quilt.


They wanted something a patriotic design so maple

leaves seemed to fit the bill perfectly. We used a white

polyester thread for the top and backing.


The back of the quilt resembles the Canadian Flag. The recepient

of this quilt is coming back from being in service overseas. The young

lady was very excited to complete this quilt on time for him.


A close up of the stitching and the red fabric on the backing of the

quilt. I think that for a first quilt, these 2 ladies did a great job.



This is Dorothy’s quilt for her son. She wanted to keep the quilt

masculine looking and thus the reason for the grey and black colors.

She did use a hit of color in the middle of each block.


This is what the blocks look like in the quilt.


The backing of the quilt was a brown color. The thread color

was a light grey polyester thread for the front of the quilt and

a light brown polyester thread for the backing.


Although the backing looks cream in this picture, it is an

actually darker brown, as in the photo above.


We used a panto called “Happy Times” to finish off the

masculine look of the quilt. I am sure that her son will love

his quilt.

See you next week.

A Barrel of Monkeys…

Last week seemed like a barrel of monkeys with all the activities

that were going on but I am back on track this week.

Lynn created this adorable Sock Monkey quilt.


The fabrics in this quilt are so much fun; Lynn always has really

cool fabric.  These sock monkeys are no exception.

Lynn decided that she wanted an all over design so we went with

“Quirky.” What a great name for a  design and it fits the monkeys perfectly.


How can you not love these critters? Even the backing shouts monkeys.

When I loaded this quilt on the frame, I mistakenly put the backing on

the front. I had to take it off and reload it once again. Whose acting like

a monkey now?


It is a pieced backing so it will seem as if the receipent is getting 2 quilts in one.

Here is the backing. We used a light yellow polyester thread for the

front and the back of this quilt. There are alot of different colors so the

yellow blends well with all of them.

Here is  another quilt that Lynn created. She is quite the creative

quilting force.


Lynn chose “Happy Times.” It adds nice texture and movement

to the rectangular shapes of the quilt top.


The backing consisted of a blue fabric and the stitching shows up nicely.

Can you see the string of pearls on the fabric?


Karen made this quilt at a local quilt shop. It was a BOM Quilt

with lots of piecing in it. The colors are really soft and beautiful.


This section of the outer border shows up the quilting nicely. Karen chose

“Celtic Vine” as her all over pattern; a taupe polyester thread was used as well.


The taupe blends with all the colors yet isn’t too loud for the quilt.

Here is the backing fabric, although a little dark.


A close up of the panto on the back of the quilt. This is a really

classy design  that works well with alot of designs.

Have a great week!

Busy as a beaver…

The Even though it is hot outside, I am still quilting away. Usually the summer time

is quiet for me but this year that is not the case.

Anne has also been busy.



This quilt is made from strips of fabric sewn together. The colours remind

me of fall.



Here is a close up of the strips. You can also see the panto that I used.

Anne is giving this to her son in law and he loves camping; thus the tent.



Isn’t the tent cool?  Makes me want to go camping. Too bad you can’t control

the weather when you do though.

The back of the quilt was  a solid green colour. We used a gold brown

polyester thread for the front and back of the quilt. Anne Bright designed

the tent and camping panto.

I am sure that her son in law will love the quilt.



This is the second quilt that belongs to Anne.  Another strip quilt

but in a different layout. It amazes me of how many different quilt

layouts can be made using the same idea, in this case, strips.



Again, we used the same gold brown polyester thread for the top and the

back of the quilt. This time, though, we used a panto with oak leaves all

over it. This was an autumn theme quilt for sure.



The back of the quilt shows off the quilting nicely. Anne is certainly going

to be busy making and adding the binding now too.

Hope you are having a great week.

TinkerBell and pets..

What does TinkerBell and pets have in common?

Not much but in this post, they are two quilts that I have recently

finished for customers.


Nicole  finished this quilt for someone she knows who

loves pets and is also getting married. Isn’t this just the greatest

quilt for the newlyweds?


Nicole wanted a panto or all over design for the quilt but didn’t

want any stitching on the lettering.  So, I placed tape on the back

of my table so that I wouldn’t quilt over the lettering. Then, I proceeded

to quilt along as usual.   When I had quilted up to the tape, I moved

to the front of the machine and filled in the area as best as I could.

Then I proceeded to the other side of the lettering and kept going.

I matched thread color to the color of the quilt top. There are only

3 color so it didn’t take that much time to change threads.


The backing

The backing was made up of a brown color.  You can see some of the

lettering from the front showing up on the back.

Next up is TinkerBell. How can you not love this quilt too?


This darling was made for a special little lady too, by Bernice.

It is interesting to note that the panel is made up of cotton and

the borders are flannel.  I thought that it might stretch like crazy

but it was fine.

Flirtatous was the panto that we used and we used a light blue thread on the top.

I thought that it would detract from the top but it blended in well.


TinkerBell’s borders

These borders really add a blast of fun to the whole quilt top.


The backing was a hot pink and I used a hot pink polyester thread

for the backing as well.


The backing

The stitching shows up well on the back too.

Have a great week.


As you are proably aware,  Frozen is a big hit here amongst the

younger kids.  My niece has jumped on the bandwagon too.


Although this isn’t for my niece, I am hoping that some young lady

will beg her parents for it. The youth group at my Church is having a

silent auction at the end of the month. What other item would

I put into an auction than a quilt?

The panel was purchased at Fabricland. I know that is a bad word

amongst quilters but it was the only place I saw one. Fabricland even

supplied a pattern for you to follow to make the quilt.

I changed it a little because I didn’t have a lot of time to make it.

I added the white border, as one solid piece and the outer blue border.

The blue fabric also matches the panel and was purchased at Fabricland

as well.


In the white border, I used some thin silver fabric, again purchased at Fabricland.

Because it was so thin and flimsy, I added Steam A Seam to the back of it, by

ironing it on. Then all I had to do was cut it out and iron it onto the border.

I later stitched around each snowflake with a silver zigzag stitch. I even stitched

this on my longarm because it drives me crazy to do it on my domestic machine.


As you can see,  I also switched up the snowflakes and stitched some in a dark

grey thread. I did try the silver metallic thread but ran into tension issues.


In the inner burgundy border, I thought that swirls would be good, as  a

reminder fo the cold wind that blows in the winter time. I am glad that

is over right now.


In the outer blue border, I followed the design of the print. I really

couldn’t think of what to stitch in that space so I went with the print.




In the center of the panel, I merely followed the pattern itself.

That was actually fun to do.  I even stitched in the braids for the girl

on the right. I know their names are Anna and Olga but I don’t know

which one is which.

There was a pink and white flannel for the back.

I used a variety of threads too. Polyester, Glide, and Metro threads were

all used. Some young lady is going to go home happy at the end of the


Have a great week.


Lots of tiny pieces..

These next 2 quilts contain lots of tiny pieces. I can’t imagine how

much time it took to cut the pieces, sew them together and press them.


I am really beginning to appreciate more and more, how much

time and effort it takes a person to create a quilt like this.


Doreen created this beautiful quilt. Log cabin is still one of my

favorite quilts.  Doreen did a great job with the piecing as well.

If I had to sew all those little strips together, I don’t think it would

be very flat or square.

Flirtatous is the name of the pantograph that was used. And a

light cream polyester thread was used for the top.


The backing was pieced, another great idea too. I think that I used

a light blue polyester thread for the backing too.


Here is another shot of the backing.


This is Marilyne’s quilt. She did such a great job with the

piecing. Everything was square and flat.  I really love the

white little squares that run throughout the quilt.


It seems that the quilt is made up of 3 -4 different blocks. And

the fact that there are so may different fabric in the top makes for

a great scrappy quilt too.


The backing was a really rich creamy color with florals on it.

It had a really silky feel to it as well.

On the quilt top, I think we used a light tan polyester thread and

a light cream polyester thread for the backing.


The panto we used is called “Blowing Wind.”

I hope you like these 2 quilts. They are a labor of

love and works on art in and of themselves.

Have a great week.



A special Kitty…

This is one special kitty.


She showed up at our front door several weeks ago, meowing

loudly while staring up at us through the door. How can you

not do something?

My daughter decided to take care of her and began feeding

her. Eventually, she moved into our sunroom and then,

after several days of feeding her, her belly became quite

round and plump. Yes, she was pregnant! What to do?

We already have one cranky cat who did not like this

new addition to the family and we were dog sitting too.

We decided to contact a local animal rescue charity called

Street Cats Rescue Mission.  A lady and her husband showed

up that evening, confirmed our suspicions and assured us that

she would find her an adoptive home asap. She did and within

3 days, our very special kitty had seen a vet and was being loved

by another caring family. I am very thankful for organizations

like this.

On that note, I also made a kitty lap quilt for an upcoming

fundraiser at my church. The pattern was free over at

Shwin & Shwin. You have to go onto their Craftsy account

to download the pattern pieces though.


It went together really quickly and I quilted it really

simply as well.


How can you not love the glasses?

I quilted straight horizontal lines on the white background

and in the cat’s pink body, I stitched a diagonal line in matching

pink thread.


For the backing, I used some yellow fabric. It is a little hard

to see the stitching but it is there.

I also managed to quilt Barb’s quilt last week. It is a very

colorful Batik quilt.



I love Batik fabrics and the color is always eye catching.

Barb wanted a pantograph so she chose “Flirtatous.”

It is a fun design and it adds some nice swirls to the square

piecing of the top.


A light purple polyester thread was used on the top and a light

polyester grey thread for the backing.


The backing fabric was really soft so it should be nice

and cuddly to use.


Again, the stitching shows up nicely on the back.

I think that spring has finally sprung here but now there is the

urge to clean everything is sight. Blah!!  I would rather be


Have a great week!


Stitching along…

Spring is taking a long time in showing up but that has not

slowed me down at all;  I am happily stitching along.


Kathy brought me this quilt and wanted an overall design.

We used a light green polyester thread on the top and a darker

green polyester thread for the backing.


I think she did a great job. If I remember correctly, it was

her first quilt.


The backing is a nice shade of green. And the quilting

does show up nicely on the backing.


“Flirtatous” is the name of the pantograph we used. It

has a whimsical feel to it.

This next quilt belongs to Lynn. She is a quick quilter and

has the most colorful fabrics around.


Isn’t this a cool pattern?  I love the bright colors.


Is is so much fun to see how color, shape, and pattern

all work together. For instance, this is the same block but

the fabrics and colors have been reversed or placed in

a different position.


We used a light blue polyester thread for the top and

the backing.  “Happy Times” was the panto of choice

because it resembles waves.


Don’t  you just love the backing too?  Pieced backings

are one of my most favorite things  and it enables you

to use up more of the fabrics from the front.

I hope that you are happily stitching along. Doesn’t

your day just get better when you get some stitching

time in?

How do you manage to sneak in some stitching

during your day?

Have a sneaky stitching week.


It’s time for Maple Syrup

While spring is in the air, sometimes, it is that time of the year

once again.


Yes, the sap is flowing when the weather is co-operating. I hope that

you get the chance to sample some maple syrup because it is


While the sap is flowing, I am being busy like a beaver. Yes, the

puns are flowing too and with a  Canadian twist. Ok, I will stop

with the dry antics.

Seriously, I have been busy and it seems blue is the color of this



Doreen brought me this blue quilt and decided that she

wanted an all over design.


We chose a new panto that I just purchased from Anne Bright named

“Florence.” It has somewhat of an elegant feel to it.


We weren’t sure of the thread color, as there is a lot of deep

blues and white on the top of the quilt. In the end, after

pulling different colors of thread, we settled on a medium

grey polyester thread. It suited the quilt top nicely.

It is funny how the color of thread changes depending on

what other colors are surrounding it.


The back of the quilt was a rich blue color as well. For the

backing, we chose a deep blue to match the backing.


The backing fabric itself is very beautiful in and of itself.

My sister also brought me a scrappy quilt that she had made.


I think that the blocks are a simple block made up of 3 strips.

It does make an effective pattern. She added two outer

borders, of blue and white to enlarge the quilt top.


The backing is white and you can see the panto that we chose too.

It is named “Flirtatous” and is quite a fun design that stitches up



We  chose a light blue polyester thread for the top and a

white polyester thread for the backing.

Have a good week and don’t forget the maple syrup.


It’s cold….



I’m not sure where you live but it is cold here.  Even though

the temperature is frightful outside, it is a great time to be


I am trying to catch up with orders that I received before


Laura made this quilt for a friend. Wow! Lucky friend.


This quilt has quite the story behind it. Laura originally started

out choosing the color palette for this quilt with only fat

quarters.  Then she bought some fabric at a local fabric store but

still needed a light pink fabric.  She then ordered that online and

had to wait for it to arrive.  Finally, she was able to put it altogether.

I think she definitely has a gift for choosing colors. Besides all this,

she managed to complete this quilt in a year!


Laura brought her friend with her and Danielle picked out

“Happy Times” as the pattern  for the quilting.  She also liked

the light peach polyester thread and a dark burgundy polyester

thread for the back.  It is neat how colors change when they

are sitting next to another color.


This quilt has alot of piecing in it and Laura did a great job

with it. No puckers or ripples at all.


The quilt consists of 3 rows of pieced blocks and then a wide

sashing(a floral print) between each row.


Here you can see the floral print sashing between the pieced rows.


Another pieced block. I didn’t count how many but there

must have been at least 15 of them. The more that I quilt

for others, the more I appreciate all the time it takes to

actually create a quilt.


Some of these blocks are very interesting. I have never seen some

of them before either.


This is the color of the backing. It is easy to see the stitching of the

pattern that was chosen.



More of the backing. It was a large quilt.  I am sure that Laura’s

friend will be happy to put this one on her bed.

Have a great week and stay warm.