Happy Summer…

Summer has finally made it here. And with quite a splash, I

might add; very hot and dry. Despite  the weather, I am

quilting along, trying to complete some orders.


Judi made this quilt for her daughter. It has over 3,000

pieces in it. And over 350 identical blocks. Now that is

a labor of love. I hope her daughter likes it because it

is very stunning.


Judi wanted an overall design that resembled paisleys,

due to paisleys being on some of the prints on the fabric.

Isn’t it amazing where some sources of inspiration come



Did I mention that this quilt is also very big?  It is

huge!!! The backing fabric is pretty cool, in and by

itself too.


I really love the swirls on the back. I used a cream

Omni polyester thread for the top and  a black

polyester thread on the backing. As usual, tension

always seems to give me headaches during the summer

months; it seems thread doesn’t like humidity at all.


Helen’s hand embroidered quilt.

Helen brought me this quilt and I quickly became

giddy with appreciation when I saw all the hand

embroidery that she had done. The quilt is composed

of all the provincial flowers of Canada, minus Iqualit.


The panel was bought prior to Iqualit becoming a new

territory. When I first saw the embroidery, I asked

Helen if she had an embroidery machine. “No, I just did this

because I had the time and I enjoy it.”

Wow!! This is truly a labor of love. Her hand  embroidery

is amazing!!!


In the background, Helen wanted a tight stipple so that the

embroidery would pop. And that is exactly what happened.


More flowers

“Keep it simple” was the motto going through my mind as I

worked on this quilt. Helen hasn’t seen it yet either so I have to

finish cleaning up the loose threads on the back.


I tried to keep the designs and the quilting simple so I

could make sure that Helen’s embroidery would be in

the lime light and shine.


Sashing area

In the sashing area, I quilted in straight lines, again

simple designs.


More provincial flowers.

I SID around all the flowers too and the embroidery so

that it would add more dimension to the quilt.


In the stars, I did a little more fancy quilting, just to add

a tad bit of interest and I couldn’t help myself.


Helen mentioned that she wanted a classic  cable design

in the outside border. In the  inside, light green border,

I quilted in feathers. Another classy choice as well.

Helen likes them too so all is well in my quilting world.


The backing.

I love, love, love the backing. All that texture



The cable border.

The cable border looks fantastic.

I used a monofilament clear thread for all the

ditch work. A cream for the background block

fills and 2 shades of green for the borders.

On the backing, I used a cream Omni polyester

thread.   I hope Helen likes it as much as I do.

Have a great week.


Baby Quilts

Joan brought me this adorable baby quilt, that was made using a

pre printed panel.


These panels make quick work of creating a baby quilt. Joan wanted

some custom stitching done of the top and I had lots of fun fulfilling that

wish for her.


I quilted around all the motifs on the panel and matched thread color

to each motif. In the palm trees, I used a Glide green thread. The thread

really shines and glistens; it was the first thing Joan noticed when

she looked at the quilt.


In the bottom border, I quilted grass to resemble the grass

that was on the panel, in the area beneath the animals.


On both sides of the panel, I quilted in ferns which was on the

panel as well. Sometimes, the panel or fabric will give you a

clue as to what to stitch on the quilt.


On the top of the  panel, I quilted in palm leaves. They are my

favorite part of this outside border.

As usual, the backing tells its own story too. I love the lime green

fabric. The stitching really shows up because a variegated King Tut

thread was used.



The backing is alot of fun as well.

The second baby quilt is adorable as well.


The fabric in this baby quilt is really quite classy.  Marilyne

wanted this quilt to be extra special so she wanted it custom



In the 9 patch, I outlined the square and then stitched in

curvy lines. The solid colored blocks beside it have a nice

feather wreath in it.


I cheated when it came to quilting this feathered

wreath. Can you believe that I actually had a

stencil that fit this space  perfectly?  All I had to

do was mark the feathers and stitch away. I used

an air erasable pen to mark the wreath.

I love the feathers and they dress up this quilt beautifully.


The outside border also has feathers in it. They are hard to see

due to the printed fabric but they are there.

I used a taupe polyester thread for the top and on the backing,

I used a white polyester thread.


The backing fabric shows up the quilting a little more, in

the outer border.


Even the backing has a classy feel to it.

Marilyne did a  beautiful job on the piecing. Everything

laid flat and square.  Someone is receiving a very special

baby quilt.

Have a great Easter.