Nothing goes to waste…

School is back in but I am stil in summer mode. Last week I did manage to

complete three fabric postcards though.


This is my dad’s boat.  I used Inktense Pencils to color in the  picture.

Water is used to help the colors come to life but depending on the weave of

the fabric, the color may run into other colors too,  as in this case.

It reminds me of a watercolor painting.


The same boat is used here too but I wanted to try out my Prismacolor

Pencils.  Once the coloring is completed, a fabric medium is used to seal in

the colors. Using different mediums give an entirely different look to the same



Another boat-yes, it was a week for boats.  Prismacolor pencils

and a fabric medium were used here too.


This is Bernice’s quilt. I love the big sqaures -what a great way to create a

quilt quickly and use up scraps too.


I love creatively pieced backs.  It is a great way to use up all those extra blocks

that we sometimes have left over from the quilt top.


These are the 48 blocks that I paper pieced last week and that caused me so

many problems and puckers. I was surprised that it only took me 1/2 hour to

rip off all the paper on the backs of these squares.


The leftover scraps. I may attempt to make a quilt similiar to Kaffe  Fassett’s.

He used a triangular shape but pieced  it similar to a log cabin. I will include

pictures next week. I may try layering the strips on top of each other because

they are fairly slim.  Wish me luck. I may  have to use a stabilizer if any

puckering occurs again.  As you can see, nothing goes to waste. And yes,

I am OCD sometimes.

See you next week.





Linda’s Quilt, Fabric Postcard # 3 and beginnings of a new quilt.

Whew!!! It is supposed to be summer-just chilling and relaxing by the pool.

All the warm weather is enticing me outside but I am still finding time to


This is Linda’s quilt for her grand daughter.  Linda took a class at a local

quilt shop, in Barrie.  The strip of blocks, on the right hand side, is  my favorite.

Linda's Quilt

Linda’s Quilt

A grey polyester thread was used on the back of this quilt and a white polyester

thread for the front of the quilt.


“Flirtatous” is the name of the panto Linda chose.  Because the quilt

is for a teenager, we thought that this quilting design was appropriate.


I am amazed at how the quilt transforms when the stitching is added

to it. It gives the quilt dimension and brings it to life.



The blocks almost look like it belongs to a sampler quilt but the layout

makes it look more modern.


Modern quilts are really beginning to grow on me.  Making 30 blocks

of the same design is boring to me and takes a long time. Some of the

piecing for the modern quilts do not take alot of time to piece;  when I

am beginning to wish I had never started the quilt, I am finished with

the piecing and can get on to the fun part: quilting it.


Here is the backing-a grey swirl fabric.  I think it is a great

choice for the backing and makes the quilt reversible as well.

On to other exciting news.

Pearl Piera, is offering a free BOM for 2014.  This is the first block that

I have completed thus far.  As you can tell, I am behind but there is no

set deadline so I will just putter along.


Here is a close up of the first block.  The colors here look blue but

in reality, they are more of a purple color.


This last photo shows the top of the Holly Hocks block.


This is week # 3 of the  Postcard Challenge;  “vegetables” are my

theme.  Here, the carrots are  colored in with Prismacolor pencils.

This was once a complete white piece of cotton fabric.  Isn’t is so cool that

you can use more than one medium to create fabric art?


And here is the completed “Carrots” postcard. Can you believe that

I spent 2 hours finishing this postcard?  I think that is crazy too!


I wanted to make them look realistic so I kept thread sketching on the piece.

The whole piece is only 4″ x 6.”

I used 3 different colored threads of orange, red and green.

The dark black  area represents dirt but I don’t think I would use black or brown

thread again.

Both  colors are too stark in contrast with the other colors.  A dark orange thread,

maybe  for the shadows around the carrots themselves.

After all the thread sketching was done, I used fabric markers to make the carrots

even brighter in color.  Don’t forget to heat set fabric markers when you are

finished using them.

What do you think about my carrots?

In this picture, I am cutting up 2 1/2″ strips so I can make a WindChime Quilt.  I

will show you the actual pattern a little later on.  I have not pieced in a long time

and am getting the itch to do so now.  After all the prints are cut, I have to cut

up all the white or cream fabric as well.  All the prints are left overs  from another

quilt that I made with the jelly rolls I had bought several years ago.

I love using leftovers to make another quilt and one that will look so different from the

first one too.



Have a great week!


Baby quilts


Winnie the Pooh

Winnie the Pooh

This is the first baby quilt of 5 that I will be working on.  What better way to

celebrate a baby than with a quilt?

The Pooh panel was picked up at Fabricaland.  I quilted it by outlining

the shapes and writing in the names of Piglet, Pooh, Eeyore and Tigger

in the outside border areas.It hepls hold the batting and quilt together,

especially since it will proably be washed alot.

Comfort quilt for my Guild

Comfort quilt for my Guild

Here is a Comfort Quilt that my Guild pieced.  Our Guild has donated

over 1,000 0f these Comfort Quilts to our local hospital.  Isn’t that quite

an accomplishment?  I think so.  Yeah for us!!

I wanted to practice some free motion quilting so I tried

a swirl followed by  feathers.    This design came from Judi  Madsen,

over at The Green Fairy.

Back of the quilt

Back of the quilt

This shows the backing and the quilting.

Stayed tuned as the baby quilt saga continues.


Isabelle's quilt

Isabelle’s quilt

Isabelle brought me this quilt.  I love the colors and the pattern itself.

She wanted an overall design so I thought that the “Blowing in the Wind”

Panto was appropriate.  Alot of the prints have wheat on it so the swirls

of the panto add alot of movement.

I used a golden colored polyester thread for top and  the backing.

Border area and close up

Border area and close up

The border area is full of different colored wheat.

Back of the quilt

Back of the quilt

A green colored fabric was used for the backing but the golden

thread adds a nice touch.  When you turn the quilt over, you have a

totally different looking quilt-2 for the price of 1.

Fabric on the quilt top

Fabric on the quilt top

This is one of the fabrics on the top of the quilt.  What great

color and line.

More wild fabric

More wild fabric

Another  piece of fabric that is on the top of the quilt.  I love

how funky, bright and fun it is.

Flower mini

Flower mini

I am unsure about you but once Spring hits, I am overtaken by

an urge to clean everything I see:  cupboards, quilts, bed linens,

floors, etc.  Does anyone else suffer from this?  I only wish that it

would hit everyone in my house and not just me.  Can you imagine

what could get done?

After this cleaning spree passes and the warm weather is here, I only want

to be outside.  Piecing and quilting kind of go by the wayside.  So, I have

come up with a solution for this problem.  Coloring and painting some

blocks for a quilt.

Prismacolor pencils and Inktense coloring pencils are the mediums I have

chosen to experiment with right now.

Close up

Close up

This flower was traced and colored with my Inktense coloring pencils.

I colored the flower with the fabric dry , sprayed it with water, and then

used a wet paintbrush to bring the color to life.

The only thing I didn’t like about this piece and process is that a bit

of the color ran around the leaves.  Next time, I would not pre spray

the piece before I use the paintbrush.  I like how rich and vivid the

colors are though.

My carrots

My carrots

This second piece  was colored using Inktense pencils too.  I didn’t

spray the piece but used a wet paintbrush that had Fabric Medium on it.

I like the vivid colors again but one area ran. Next time, I think that I will

only use the paintbrush on one area, let it dry, heat set it and then color the

next area.  Maybe that will solve the problem.

Close up

Close up

Close up of the carrots.  It is fun learning how to shade, lighten and

darken certain areas.

Colored flower mini

Colored flower mini

In this piece, I used Prismacolor  Pencils. I

don’t think that the colors are so vivid but I don’t

mind how it looks.  Again, a fabric medium is added so

that the colors don’t wash out.  It did make the fabric  feel

a bit “rubbery” but  otherwise it is ok.

What new techniques are you trying out?

Linking up the Freshly Pieced as well.