A big mistake…

Last week was busy, as I prepared to participate in our local

Quilt Show, The Simcoe County Rug & Quilt Show. Due to

this happening, I missed posting last week. Now, I am catching up.

However, I did meet a few  people who are telling me that

they can’t see the pictures I have posted online. I really am

not that computer savy but I did figure out what was wrong.

A few weeks ago, I decided to delete most of the pictures in my

blog library.

This cyber housekeeping caused all the pictures on my blog to

also disappear. A big mistake indeed. Now, I have to go back

and upload 2 year’s worth of pictures and post them again on

my blog. So, I apologize for these technical difficulties and I

will try to correct this as soon as possible. Please be patient

with me as I do.

Here are some pictures of Shirley’s Barn Quilt. I totally love

this quilt.


There are 9 blocks made up of different raw edge appliqued barns.

It was interesting in that some of the barns already have a

little bit of stitching on them.


This is my favorite barn of the 9. How can you not love a plaid

barn?   Each block also has different fabric used for the

background too. Shirley mentioned that this was a BOM quilt that

she picked up several years ago.


Because the barns are raw edge applique,

Shirley wanted an overall meandering stitch on the quilt.

She also didn’t want any color on the top of the quilt because

it would distract from the barns. What color would you choose



So, we decided to use a clear monofilament thread. It is

the size of one strand of hair so it is pretty fine. It usually comes

in two colors, clear and brown, for darker colors.


On the back of the quilt, I used a green polyester thread

to match the backing.


The clear monofilament almost disappears on the top and

it blends nicely with whatever color it is being stitched onto.


I love the wheel on the side of this barn too.


A pink barn-how is that for style?


The outer border of this quilt is made up of a wonky Log

Cabin. It adds a taste of whimsical to the quilt. Well

done Shirley!!

Have a great week.





Stitching along…

Here is a photo of what I have been working on this past week.  This 12 1/2″ block

is for the 2015 IPM Quilt.  The theme was “Autumn Splendor.” After looking at the

five fabrics for the block, I thought of sunflowers.  I had some pictures I had taken

of sunflowers a few years back and used one of those. I am discovering that I like

working from photos.



The background is pieced and the petals are all sewn on with a zigzag stitch.  In

the center,  there are alot of French Knots. I didn’t care to count how many but it

did take me 4-5 hours to stitch them all on.

I like the block but I would change it next time round. I would have used the

orange fabric  for the center,instead of the green. And I would have stitched

the French Knots more like  the way sunflower seeds are in real life. It is

completed now and I am not picking  out all those French Knots.


This is a charity quilt for our local hospital. Our Guild makes these for the ICU

Dept. I think they are all so cute and it is amazing how generous quilters are.


This shows a close up of the free motion quilting I did. I tried to incorporate

feathers, swirls,  and flowers.   I am trying to be more spontaneous and

adventurous with my quilting. Charity Quilts are a great way to practice.


Another close up of the quilting. I did forget to take a photo of the backing.

It is usually a dark color, it was a dark purple. It helps  the babies to think

that they are still in the womb and they will continue to grow and thrive.