More Quilts….

Here are a few pictures of quilts that I completed for customers within

the past month.

Nancy’s Quilt

Nancy made this colorful quilt for someone special. I really like the colors in

this quilt.I’m not sure about you but the Log Cabin pattern still stirs my heart.

The backing

The backing of the quilt is made up of black flannel. It makes the quilt nice

and snuggly.

Joan’s Quilt

Joan makes alot of quilts for charity. She is a very generous person. As I mentioned

before, if you have any scraps you want to get rid of, I know the person to give them to.

The backing

The color of the backing matches the front perfectly.  “Popcorn” was the name of

the design stitched all over the top of the quilt.

Joan’s Quilt

Here is another quilt made by Joan. I am amazed at how quickly Joan can put a

quilt together.

Bright and Cheery

The Backing

The stitching shows off the quilting beautifully.

Roopa’s Quilt

Roopa made this quilt for her son. I love the geometric lines on this quilt. I quilted in the

lines on the tiger and the triangles, in the middle  panel. In the outer border area, a

panto was used to fill in the area.

Inner Panel

I used a monofilament thread on the top of the quilt and a light grey polyester thread

for the backing.

The backing

The monofilament thread blends perfectly with the front of the quilt and all you see is the

texture created by the stitching.

My blocks

Here is what I have been working on lately. I had 105 -2″ blocks and wanted to use them

up. I thought that adding a large white border around the colored blocks would

make a nice modern quilt.

My pile

Now, all I have to do is sew them all together. That might take another few months or

so. I hope that you get  to your pile before I do.

Have a good, safe week.

Summer is here..

Summer is here and I am frantically trying to finish all the pantos that

I have before the kids are out of school.Here are several that I recently



Dale is quite the prolific quilter. She can piece quite quickly and her

quilts always look fantastic. This quilt is for one of her lucky



“Ribbit” is the name of the panto. It is quite fun for a boy and I think

that he will totally love the frogs on the quilt.


Dale chose a grey polyester thread for the top. It does show up

nicely on the top.


The backing fabric looks like a batik but it is a cotton fabric. A blue

polyester thread was used for the backing.


Dale’s quilt

Dale’s second quilt was also quite large and for another grandson.


She chose the same panto and thread color as well for the top.


The backing was purple and I used a purple polyester thread for the backing.


Here you can see the frogs on the back of the quilt. I think that these two

quilts would test my patience. Well done, Dale!


Arlene also brought me a quilt that will eventually migrate to her cottage.


Arlene is a great piecer and the quilt was very square and flat.


Arlene’s cottage quilt

How can you not love the animals in this quilt? Arlene wanted a simple

design for the quilting so I chose “Happy Times.” It reminds me of water and

waves so it would look great at the cottage.

I used a cream polyester thread for the top and back.


I love pieced backings and what a great way to use up all the fabrics that we use

in making a quilt. Less scraps that way too.

I hope you are enjoying the nice weather and getting your projects finished up.


Stitching along…

Spring is taking a long time in showing up but that has not

slowed me down at all;  I am happily stitching along.


Kathy brought me this quilt and wanted an overall design.

We used a light green polyester thread on the top and a darker

green polyester thread for the backing.


I think she did a great job. If I remember correctly, it was

her first quilt.


The backing is a nice shade of green. And the quilting

does show up nicely on the backing.


“Flirtatous” is the name of the pantograph we used. It

has a whimsical feel to it.

This next quilt belongs to Lynn. She is a quick quilter and

has the most colorful fabrics around.


Isn’t this a cool pattern?  I love the bright colors.


Is is so much fun to see how color, shape, and pattern

all work together. For instance, this is the same block but

the fabrics and colors have been reversed or placed in

a different position.


We used a light blue polyester thread for the top and

the backing.  “Happy Times” was the panto of choice

because it resembles waves.


Don’t  you just love the backing too?  Pieced backings

are one of my most favorite things  and it enables you

to use up more of the fabrics from the front.

I hope that you are happily stitching along. Doesn’t

your day just get better when you get some stitching

time in?

How do you manage to sneak in some stitching

during your day?

Have a sneaky stitching week.


It’s time for Maple Syrup

While spring is in the air, sometimes, it is that time of the year

once again.


Yes, the sap is flowing when the weather is co-operating. I hope that

you get the chance to sample some maple syrup because it is


While the sap is flowing, I am being busy like a beaver. Yes, the

puns are flowing too and with a  Canadian twist. Ok, I will stop

with the dry antics.

Seriously, I have been busy and it seems blue is the color of this



Doreen brought me this blue quilt and decided that she

wanted an all over design.


We chose a new panto that I just purchased from Anne Bright named

“Florence.” It has somewhat of an elegant feel to it.


We weren’t sure of the thread color, as there is a lot of deep

blues and white on the top of the quilt. In the end, after

pulling different colors of thread, we settled on a medium

grey polyester thread. It suited the quilt top nicely.

It is funny how the color of thread changes depending on

what other colors are surrounding it.


The back of the quilt was a rich blue color as well. For the

backing, we chose a deep blue to match the backing.


The backing fabric itself is very beautiful in and of itself.

My sister also brought me a scrappy quilt that she had made.


I think that the blocks are a simple block made up of 3 strips.

It does make an effective pattern. She added two outer

borders, of blue and white to enlarge the quilt top.


The backing is white and you can see the panto that we chose too.

It is named “Flirtatous” and is quite a fun design that stitches up



We  chose a light blue polyester thread for the top and a

white polyester thread for the backing.

Have a good week and don’t forget the maple syrup.


Block 1 is completed.

Hi there,
The first block, of 16, is now completed. My goal is to complete one block per week. I am being unrealistic, I think, but one can dream. Light green and pink were used instead of the tradtional dark green and red.  Wanting to use the fabric in my stash was the reason for this color choice.  It looks kind of like “Spring” to me.

Block 1 completed

Block 1 completed

I also managed to complete a quilt for a customer. She wanted an allover meandering leaf pattern on the top. I love scrappy quilts so the pattern fits perfectly.

Customer's Quilt

Customer’s Quilt

Besides that, I managed to finish 3 flannel-fleece twin size quilts for the group heading up north, to an Indian Reserve.  Warm, cozy and flannel quilts would be a great gift for someone living in such  a cold climate.

Until next time,