A tale of 2 feet


This is how the tale began. I am making a fall quilt, consisting entirely of

half square triangles.  Usually, I use Brenda Hennings CD, called



If you don’t have a copy, it is fantastic.You choose whatever

size  of half square triangles  you like and print off the number of sheets you need.

This takes some time, as you have to figure out how many half square triangles

you will need for the entire quilt.  The paper does tell you how many

each sheet will make . This helps alot.

Sew on the dotted lines, cut apart, and voila-perfect half square triangles. You

don’t have to trim them down to their proper size or waste a ton of fabric. It saves

alot of time and aggravation.


Well, while sewing, I kept getting puckers, as

shown in the next picture. This did not make me a happy camper, at all.


I went through the usual questions: proper needle?  Proper tension on the

feed dogs?  Correct tension?  Still puckers.  Then I thought about the foot I was

using. Could that make such a difference?  It seemed like the foot was sticking

and catching on the paper.


As you can see, the foot on the left is an  open toe foot. I am unsure of what the

foot on the right is called. If anyone knows, just let me know.  I was using the

foot on the right.  So, I switched it out with the open toe foot and voila-no more

puckers or pulling.  Can you bellieve that?

I turned the feet over and examined the backs of both.  The foot I had begun with

has 2 lines engraved in the bottom of the foot-proably for more grip on the fabric.

It did work because it was gripping the paper and making the fabric

underneath bunch up.


The open toe foot, has only 1 groove etched into it so it creates less drag when

sewing.  I did not know this. Did you?  I have done lots of sewing of garments and

items around the house but this seemed crazy and interesting, all at the

same time.


This is what the paper and fabric together looks like.  And I have only 9

more blocks to stitch and then I can cut all these blocks apart.  There are

still 7 blocks to be  ripped out and sewn over again. At least it is not the

whole 48 blocks.  The ripping of the paper follows.

This should be an official ceremony I think.  Helps to celebrate what you have

accomplished so far and motivates you to actually finish the  quilt you have

started.  So, this is my tale of the 2 feet. Hope it helps you somehow in your

quilting adventures.

I am hoping to have the quilt top  all together by next week and have a

picture for you. Happy quilting.