Birch Trees…

Susan brought me this quilt and I totally fell in love with it. I love

birch trees and maybe it has something to do with the fact that

while growing up, my family used it as a source of fuel and heat.


Pinterest and Charley Harper were the source of inspiration for

Susan. She saw a similar quilt on Pinterest but wanted to do it

a little differently. She had some fabric designed by Charley

Harper and wanted to incorporate it into her quilt.


What a great cardinal. So much attitude!  I think that I may

have to create a fabric postcard of this one.


Susan and I discussed what to do on the quilt top. All I could think

of was “branches.” Luckily, Susan agreed. To be quite honest, I was

scared to death of how I was going to quilt in these branches.

I did procrastinate for a while but eventually I had to quilt this



I was going to draw up a paper pattern but decided not to. I  laid it on the floor,

hoping that inspiration would hit me.  The white areas reminded me of

Birch trees and the blue area, the sky.

I printed off several pictures of birch trees and decided that I would

have to work backwards on this quilt top. Usually, I stitch the top

onto the backing and work my way down the quilt-top to bottom.

With this quilt, I had to baste from the top to the bottom and then

work my way back up, from bottom to top. This was the only way

I would be able to ensure that the branches were quilted in the right

direction, growing up and not down.


Then, I had to decided which branches would be in front of what

trees and what branches would be behind other trees. Also, the

size of the tree would also determine how large the branches would

be. For instance, a small tree would not have large branches nor a larger

tree, smaller branches. Yes,alot to consider but , in the end, I did

enjoy the process of it all.

Working from the bottom and checking with my printed off

picture, I started marking with a chalk marker. It rubs off

easily so I don’t worry about removing the marks later.



I also decided to stitch in the ditch around all the birch trees but

not the blue pieced sky in the background. I wanted the trees to

stand out a bit more than the sky. I used a monofilament thread

as well, on the top and a grey on the backing.


I am glad that Susan chose grey for the whole top or I would have

been changing thread like crazy. The grey also works well with the

blue and white and stands out a little too.


I began marking in branches and decided that the bigger birch

trees would stand out in front of the smaller ones. Smaller

trees mean that they are further away. So, I could stitch

branches on the small birch trees but not on the bigger ones.

I started stitching in branches and it looked okay. I just had to

keep checking which trees I had stitched over and which ones I had not.


Here is the finished quilt. I think it looks great. I really

love how art quilts are a bit tricky but you have so much

more freedom with your quilting. I enjoyed this quilt

so much, that I had to recreate it somehow. I didn’t have

a lot of time so I decided to make a fabric postcard.

I laid out layers of dark blue to light blue and then

3 birch trees on top.


I used a dark grey thread and stitched in branches. I really

liked how this little postcard turned out. I think I may have to

make a bigger version though.

See you next week.




Happy Canada Day!!!

Happy Canada Day!! Canada is now 147 years old-wow! I hope that you get

the chance to go out and celebrate, at some point today.

Mina' bedrunner

Mina’s bedrunner

Mina took a class in a local fabric shop, in Barrie and this

is what she created.  She did a great job and the fabrics are really



Mina chose “Spring Garland”, a pantograph as her quilt design.

A light taupe polyester thread was used on the top and in the bobbin

for the backing as well.


Here is a pieced block within the bedrunner.


And here is what the backing looks like.  A solid taupe color as

well.  The stitching really stands out on the back.


Carol's Quilt

Carol’s Quilt

Carol is a tremendous and quick piecer.  I am amazed at how fast

she can create a quilt.

Carol wanted SID in the sashing areas and around each block.  A variegated

blue thread was used in the sashing area, due to all the different colored fabrics

in has in it.  I think the variegated thread was a good choice for this area.


A close up of the sashing area.  It is too bad that the SID is so

invisible but it is so necessary to help outline all the shapes and

stablilize the quilt too.

The solid blue blocks were stitched with straight lines.It does give

the quilt a bit of a modern look.


On the backing, I used a dark blue polyester thread to match

the color too.


On my week # 2 of Fabric Postcards, I have nothing to show you but I am hoping to

complete one for Friday.  I think that my theme this week will be “Vegetables.’

Stay tuned…





A sneak peek

Do you remember the quilt I showed you earlier in the week?

Another quilt to be designed

Another quilt to be designed


Well,I am excited to say that all the SID is almost completed.  Yeah!

Now the fun can begin.

Here is a sneak peek of what I have been quilting thus far.

French knots

French knots


Don’t you just love these French knots?

Another block semi completed

Another block semi completed


One of my favorite blocks thus far

One of my favorite blocks thus far


I love the swirls that surround the heart in this block.


And the last block for now.

School is in-Yeah!

School is in! Yeah! I am both happy and sad – happy that the bickering is
over but sad that I am alone again-during the day. On the brighter side,
I can get back to work and quilting.
Last week, I had to get 2 quilts done for customers. Debbie has just
taken up quilting and this was her first quilt. I think that she did a
great job!

Debbie's first quilt.

Debbie’s first quilt.

I stitched in the ditch around each block and picture. Trees were added

in the blocks with the bear and moose-just for fun and also to help hold

the blocks together.  I used a polyester thread-cream, blue and brown on the

top. On the backing, cream was chosen.

Back of Debbie's quilt.

Back of Debbie’s quilt.

She loved the quilt and is planning to hang it in her house.  It is great to

use the quilts that we make instead of keeping them locked up in a trunk

or closet somewhere. Let them out!

Joy also brought me a quilt that she had made.  She too was learning

how to quilt and I actually taught her how to make this pattern in

a class, several years ago.

I am still debating whether to teach classes or not.

Joy fell in love with some stippling or meandering that she saw and this is

what is stitched all over the quilt.

Joy"s quilt.

Joy”s quilt.

We chose a dark blue polyester thread on both top and back.

She loves it and is planning to bind it this upcoming weekend.

I think she did a great job!  what a great feeling to actually finish

something and then to be able to move onto a new project.

Here is the back of the quilt:

Back of Joy's quilt

Back of Joy’s quilt

It is hard to see the design due to the color of the thread and the color

of the backing-but it is there.

Have a great week.