Happy Valentine’s Day!



Dorothy made this cute camo quilt for her grandson.



Dorothy wanted a simple design for the quilt so we

chose the “Swirl” panto by Norma Sharp.



As you can see in the photo, she even stitched  a bull’s

eye in the middle of the target.



Dorothy had wanted a simple design because she was using a quilt that

had already been quilted. It also had the batting in the middle so she

didn’t want to add another layer of batting to it.


The quilt was quite thick in the areas where she joined the red backing.

I think that you can get  past this issue by butting the two pieces of

quilted backing up against each other and sewing a zigzag stitch

instead of sewing a 1/4″ seam as usual.

The backing looks pretty neat with the swirl and the quilted backing.

I am sure that her grandson will love his new camo quilt. What a

great grandmother!

Happy Valentine’s Day! Don’t forget to get something for your

sweetheart. Valentine’s Day is on Saturday this year.


What I have been up to….

Once again, it is very cold here and this is making it a great

opportunity to sew and quilt.

I have been working on some new things that I have picked up

lately. Mary, a friend from a local Guild, just introduced me to

paper embroidery.  She showed me several cards that she has

made and I think that they are gorgeous!


Pinterest also has quite a selection too, as well as free

patterns you can download. I had to try my hand at making one

and this is the result.

I really didn’t like having to thread my needle constantly but when

you use a 40 wt thread, it does slip alot. Having to constantly

check the back and front to see where I had to stitch next was

a bit of a deterrent as well. Overall, though, I did like

how the card turned out and I think that I may have to make

some more. They seem to stitch up quickly so they would make

a great project when you are looking for something quick and

small to conquer.

Beside these small cards, I have been trying to continue on

with my fabric postcard collection. I am making 3 for Valentine’s

Day and this is the first one.


This card uses some felt stickers from the Dollar Store.

I placed the smaller pink heart on top of the larger red heart.

Then I stitched around it slowly and yes, the needle did gum

up a bit from the glue on the back of the sticker. I did use a

monofilament thread too so that may have caused a bit of a

problem too. After I changed that thread out, it didn’t break

anymore. There still was some gum on the needle though.

Next, I used my alphabet on my sewing machine and stitched

in the words.


The  pink backgrounds on each of these cards were painted using a

soft body acrylic paint. The fabric went a little stiff and rubbery

after I painted it but I may have used too much paint on the fabric.

Isn’t it amazing what you can use for these fabric postcards? The

white flower was taken from a birthday card. I couldn’t throw it

out with this lovely flower on it. I merely ripped it off the card and

stitched it onto the pink background. How is that for fast and easy?

These are not finished yet, I still have to stitch around the edges.

Stay warm and have a good week.