I Am In Shock…

This week is turning out to be quite interesting indeed. Do you remember

this quilt?

I quilted it for Darlene, who lives in South Carolina. This quilt is

currently in the Quilt Show, in Paducah, at the AQS (American Quilt Society).

And yes, there is a big fat ribbon on it too. YEAH!!! Darlene

sent it to me last year for quilting. It took her 2 years to

complete and it is a real beauty.

It won 3rd place in the “Wall Quilts Movable Machine Quilted”

Category, sponsored by Tin Lizzie.  As I stated before, I am still in shock.

You can watch the interview with Darlene here.  Enjoy!

Don’t get me wrong, Darlene is fantastic at picking out colors and her

applique is exquisite. I am just shocked that something I quilted

is that good.

Here are some shots of the stitching on the quilt.

The border area has alot of background fillers due to my

A.D.D problem with boredom.

The blocks themselves all have pebbles stitched around the borders;

I  thought it would help hide the seam allowances and add a

classy look  to the whole quilt top.

I guess the judges liked that too. You can watch the Awards Ceremony

here but please take note that the ceremony is over an hour long but if

you slide your cursor up to the 44 minute mark, you will see the

category Darlene entered as well as when DArlene receives the


More of the blocks in the quilt top.

And the backing:  I love the texture that all that quilting gives.

Again, I love the back. I also managed to quilt a few of my

own things last week.

Al Cote’s class

I finished the wallhanging. I like some parts of the quilting but some

parts I dislike too. Oh well, more to think about later on.

I love the bright, bold orange fabrics  in the middle of the quilt.

Al Cote’s Curved Class

The backing fabric is really an ugly color but I am trying to use up some

ugly fabric.

I also completed another wallhanging, again for another Al Cote

class, “Pieced Panels.”

I saw this panel on “The Fat Quarter” shop and liked the colors so

I bought 3 panels but you  really only need 2. Leftover

fabric is never a problem for us quilters.

It took me about 3 days to figure out a composition that I

liked. It was a grueling and frustrating 3 days but oh, so worth it

in the end. I learned so much and gained more color confidence.

I really didn’t know what to quilt so I added some lines to mimic

the bridge itself and just followed the lines and print on the fabric.

Again, more ugly fabric on the backing.

And our baby chicks are growing up. They seem to be going through

the “ugly” stage now as their feathers are beginning to grow in.

I never thought that having baby chicks would be so entertaining.

Have a great week and check out the Award Ceremony for AQS on


Quilt Show-part 2

Here are the remaining pictures from the local Quilt Show from

several weeks ago.


As you can see, the lighting wasn’t the greatest for taking photos.


Nice colors in this one.


I love the wonky squares.


Alot of piecing.

I can’t imagine the time it took to merely

piece this baby.


Not quite sure the name of this one.

I have never seen this pattern or design before.

Quite intricate and interesting though.


Cool stars.


Helen made this beauty. All the embroidered blocks are hand

done. She found this panel and decided to complete it.


When Helen brought me this quilt, I thought that the

embroidery had been done by machine; she is that



Mary made this quilt to celebrate the year

that she had been married. She included some

things that had been happening during that time.

Quite ingenious if you ask me.


I like the pattern on this quilt top.


Again, beautiful piecing and the colors

are great.


I like the blue and red in this one.


Phyllis made this wallhanging. She did a great  job. It seems

that no matter what she creates, it is very accurate and

beautiful. She is a very talented quilter.


Look at all those small pieces.


And it is hand quilted as well.


Shirley’s Quilt

Shirley made this cute wallhanging. She always has

the most unique quilts.


I love the beautiful colors and the leaves.


Glenda’s wallhanging

Glenda creates the most interesting pieces. This

one is no exception.


I think this is called ‘Chinese Coins.”


A very nice wallhanging.


Lynn’s quilt was chosen for the Raffle Draw. The lucky lady

who won it, is sending it to a charity in Nova Scotia. What

a generous and kind lady.


Phyllis is not only a talented quilter but also an embroiderer,

knitter, crocheter, and in the near future, spinner. It seems

that whatever she touches, turns to gold.


Here is an embroidery that she created.


I love all forms of stitching, not just quilting.


Phyllis created this miniature book. I think that she said

it took her 4-6 months to create. There are so many

small stitches, of all sorts in this book.


This is the front of the miniature book; it is quite cute.


Sun Bonnet Sue; she is strolling through the seasons.


Can you see the sheep in this quilt? You have

got to check out what they are wearing.


Lots of flowers and funky women.


A strip quilt.

Again, the colors are inviting.


My husband is Irish so this reminds me of him.


A stripy landscape wallhanging.


A hexagon wallhanging; reminds me of flowers.


Quite an inventive way to create flying birds.

Hope you enjoyed the show. I hope I made sense as

my brain is on sleep mode right now. Have a

great week.